LG Electronics, world leader in the supply of photovoltaic solutions, announces the availability of LG NeON R panels which will enrich the V5 series.

The new V5 series will replace the popular A5 series with new and improved products. LG NeON R panels have a maximum power of 375 watts (Wp) and offer a performance guarantee of 90.8% of the output power after 25 years of work.

This quality is appreciated by installers across Europe, who for the fourth time in a row in 2018 awarded LG solar modules the “TOP BRAND PV” quality label.

LG NeON R photovoltaic panels offer a maximum efficiency per module of 21.4%. In addition, thanks to a better temperature coefficient, they can guarantee high performance even in very sunny weather, unlike traditional panels which reduce performance in full sun due to the increase in temperature.

In high temperature conditions, LG NeON R photovoltaic panel can generate 2.9% more electricity than Mono P solar panels. The new series is also characterized by considerably reduced weight which facilitates installation.

We are very happy to have introduced LG NeON R V5 series to provide our customers with even more powerful products and improved performance guarantee that will make their investment more secure.

Davide Ponzi, LG Electronics Solar Sales Director Spain.