LIDL TOOLS PARKSIDE BRAND – Certainly many of you have been to an establishment of this well-known German supermarket brand. On some occasions, I saw that they sell items you don’t expect to see in a supermarket: drills, saws, miter saws, etc. And I always wondered: are Lidl tools good or bad?

I’ve been looking around the internet a little bit, and I haven’t seen really bad, very positive comments. So I decided and bought a drill and a puzzle by Parkside. And I’ll give my opinion if anyone is thinking about it.

The first thing to consider is the normally low price of Lidl tools. So, let’s not be demagogues either, and compare a € 50 20v drill with a € 200 drill.

Lidl tools features

  • These are basic tools, with essential functions.
  • Interchangeable batteries between different tools with 20V fast charging (2 Ah). This is a great advantage. This is relatively common, but not in this price range. On the other hand, the maximum load or capacity can be improved, although we would certainly go for a wider range of tools. It is not a common feature on all Parkside models, although it appears to be the new trend. For example, there was now a multifunctional, the screwdriver, a jigsaw, a saber saw and a hand saw, all with interchangeable batteries.
  • Each comes with its briefcase. For those of us who carry the tool from place to place, it is essential.
  • Although the plastic covering each of the devices does not appear to be of high quality, it lacks the texture, feel and strength of those used tools that it would run from.
  • Durability. Overall, it looks robust, does not give the impression that it will break. It feels like supporting the use of a private person in your home.

Parkside drill 20v

Among the functions of this Lidl drill are:

  • Up to 1650 rpm (revolutions per minute).
  • Firing pin. Indispensable for drilling into walls. It will be necessary to see how it behaves in relation to concrete and steel.
  • Max. Torque: 40.
  • Fast bit exchange.
  • Additional handle for both sides

Lock Saw

  • Strokes per minute: 0-2700
  • Maximum cutting depth: 80 mm in wood, 5 mm in metal, 12 mm in aluminum.
  • Oblique cut on both sides.
  • Guide for making straight cuts.

Is parkside a good brand? Opinion about Parkside tools

They are a good solution and a good price to do housework and meet the needs of little DIY enthusiasts. For a professional, it can be quite limited in terms of: battery life, weight and advanced features.

On the other hand, there are many professionals who always have replacement tools in case the main one breaks down. In that case, it can also be an interesting option.

In conclusion, I can say that they seem basic but robust tools. At this price there are no much better options.

In time, I will update and say if I still think the same.

Spare parts and technical service of LIDL DIY TOOLS PARKSIDE BRAND

In that sense, I have some unknowns. On the one hand, in the boxes, they provide a web address where to buy replacement batteries. This is perhaps the most requested part.

On the other hand, I have found comments and opinions from others on the internet that, because they had problems, the tool was not corrected. Lidl replaced with a new one. It would be necessary to see under what conditions this happens and what happens after the 3-year warranty. This is a disadvantage to be noted.

Improvement: I continued to investigate. Lidl power tools are manufactured by Einhell. Although not the first brand, it offers good products. Some of its models are exactly the same Pakside tools offered by Lidl, just change the color. This largely solves the problem of spare parts, since Einhell makes them available on its website, including specifying the model sold in the supermarket.



Some models of these Lidl power tools are:

  • Pendulum puzzle puzzles pskt 800 b2
  • Parkside cordless portable circular saw phksa 12 a1
  • Triangular sander pds-031 290 c3
  • Parkside 3.6v wireless screwdriver with 14 bits rapidfire 2.0
  • Electric screwdriver pns 300 a1
  • Parkside – li a1 psbsa 20 screwdriver
  • Precision wireless sander drill Pfbs 12 a1
  • Parkside – 4 in 1 multifunctional tool
  • Saber electric saw 710w
  • Parkside® miter saw pks 1500 a1
  • Parkside sierra pts 500 c3
  • parkside rapidfire 2.0 charger
  • lidl portable compressor
  • electric sander lidl

With this Lidl tools you can make your big projects, like this bikesmachines