Light up your home with rainwater

Collecting rainwater is something we should all be doing. In addition to giving us access to fresh water, it can also help us generate energy.

How did you get it? REGN is a prototype rainwater collector capable of generating electricity with it. Ingenious solutions for a time when renewable energies must occupy a central place. A system designed for areas with heavy and common rainfall.


REGN is modular and attaches to any existing pipe. The flow of water is used to spin a turbine, generating energy in the process.


The modular nature of REGN gives us the possibility of adding several units in series, depending on the available space, allowing to collect drinking water, as well as to generate clean energy!


REGN was the winner of the Red Dot Design Award in 2015.

Here is a demonstration of how it works:


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More information on the designer page: Benjamin Koh.