Within the construction, wood still occupies a second place, although this situation may be changing. However, when it comes to small constructions for auxiliary use, the wooden boxes are the reference resource. Whether to make a garden and be used by visitors, children or as a garage, to rent and spend a few days surrounded by nature …

Some of the advantages of these constructions are:

  • Wood is a natural material insulating by definition. Much less investment in thermal and acoustic insulation will be necessary. In addition, there will be substantial savings in electricity consumption.
  • They are 100% recyclable.
  • The construction of these does not damage the environment. And if at any point it is necessary to remove it, there is no need to leave a mark.
  • Reduced construction time. Which reduces the price of the log cabin even more compared to other alternatives.
  • The versatility of styles that can be achieved with wood is enormous.
  • Small wooden huts and houses are considered movable assets (they can be moved). This has important tax and cost considerations.

Wooden cabins in kit or on request

The kit cabins consist of predefined and mass-produced models. One of the main advantages of this type is that they deal with cheap log cabins compared to the option to tailor them.

On the other hand, when we talk about personalized orders we know that the result will be adapted to our needs. It will be a little more expensive than pre-made ones, but it may be worth it.

Adaptive log cabins

There is a type of cabin that, having an exterior aspect that evokes the totally rural or rural, can be perfectly adapted to the urban environment, knowing this particular modality as adaptable wooden cabins or versatile wooden cabins. They don’t seem out of place mine much less, but because of its direct conformation, so welcoming and accepted by large population groups, they end up being quite popular. Nor should they be considered a luxury for a few people, as having sufficient human and financial resources, even if your home or lot in the city is small, you can access them.

How can you be adequately advised on the most suitable choice of your adaptable hut, so that it fits naturally into the urban area where you intend to place it? Consult the catalogs and recommendations that companies specialized in the construction area with this material can give you, so that you can find your taste and decorative instinct in the option that suits you best. To name just a few of these variables, you can choose between a versatile chalet type or one made of rustic wood. There are small wooden huts and there are also large ones.

Likewise, also there are adaptable wooden cabins that can be placed at the back of the house, if you are one of those people who likes to surprise loved ones or guests, or to indulge in luxury. Fortunately, there are a large number of variables that can make the choice of your versatile cabin something quite “fun”, because if you know you can have something like a piece of field within your citizen environment, it will certainly do so it will encourage much more in your deliberation. Consider the prices.

The latter are determined by the type of wood with which the adaptive log cabins are built, and another aspect that strongly influences this item is the size of the construction. If you want a beautiful and inexpensive versatile log cabin, choose those that are built with light wood and are quite similar in style to the larger log cabins that you can find in certain rural settings. From there, the options in terms of rates and presentations gradually increase, and only your company wants to be able to adapt any of these options to your space. The versatile or adaptable log cabins are an ingenious answer to architectural adaptation very interesting and attractive to motivate and enjoy.

Cabin wood Which one to use?

When making a log cabin, one of the main choices is the choice of wood.

Poor selection will affect service life, which can be drastically reduced. Sometimes we can find cheap wooden huts that use low quality materials, or that do not include any pretreatment in the price. On these occasions, the cheap is expensive.

The ideal is to look for species or types of wood that have a natural resistance and are suitable for the outdoors. Teak wood, iroko or ipe are some examples. Here you can see some of its features. The use of these can raise the price of the cabin, but we can find cheaper options. They consist of using cheaper wood, to which some specific treatment has been applied. The most common and that offers a good quality / price ratio is the pine treated with autoclave or couperized.

In addition, maintenance tasks should be performed periodically. Renew the protective varnish every year or two, at least.

Photos of modern wooden chalets

Forget the image of log-based buildings, modern log cabins are far from that appearance.

modern log cabin
current log cabin
modern cabin
log cabin
cheap log cabin