Self-consumption photovoltaic kit
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The project is underway to operate London’s first virtual power plant running on locally produced solar energy. The British capital will soon have its first “virtual power station” using electricity from solar panels and domestic batteries.

UK Power Networks (UKPN) has announced that the new power plant will be located across London Borough of Barnet.

40 households in the municipality already equipped with solar panels will be equipped with remote controllable energy storage systems.

The remote-controlled batteries will combine the power of solar panels installed on the roofs of houses to allow full charging capacity during peak demand – on weekday afternoons.

Thanks to this system, the inhabitants of the region will be able to save and even earn money with the energy saved in their batteries.

Ultimately, the project aims to balance the grid during peaks and troughs in demand.

London is a global technology leader and projects like this are just the beginning as we move towards a low-carbon, decentralized and digitized network that will deliver significant benefits to our customers.“Said Barry Hatton, Director of Asset Management at UKPN.

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This will help keep electricity distribution costs low by providing a viable alternative to the traditional approach of simply adding more cables and substations to increase capacity.“.

UKPN’s goal is to install the batteries so that the virtual power plant can be operational by the winter of this year.