LooWatt is a toilet created to help in all these regions of the world lacking sanitation infrastructure, where in addition the scarcity of water and the risk of contamination are very high. Basically what it does toilet he is hermetically store waste, because LooWatt is only one link in a chain whose objective is the generation of energy (gas) and fertilizers.

Loowatt system

Virgina Gardiner designed LooWatt with a sealed tank, which has an ingenious system that keeps it airtight during use, does not cause bad odors, and once full the excrement package must be transported to a biodigester, who is then in charge of the production of biofuel for cooking (for example).

Watch the waste treatment scheme, the most negative part of the whole process is the obligatory transport to the plant where the biodigester tank is located. Is this method simpler and cheaper than setting up sewerage networks? Of course, it can also be seen in another way: every time we use conventional toilets we are wasting energy.

Do not confuse this toilet with a compost toilet, which is widely used in lost cabins. This invention has been exhibited around the world and has received various awards.


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