This LED lamp can work for a month with 1 liter of used or unused cooking oil.

Lumir K is an LED cooking oil lamp that converts thermal energy from cooking oil into electricity. The lamp is equivalent to 100 candles. Cooking oil becomes a source of energy for your lighting.

You can use any type of oil, olive, sunflower, or canola, regardless of the type of cooking oil. Consume only 5ml of oil for 1 hour of light, you can illuminate with Lumir K for 1 month with 1 liter of oil. The oil tank has a capacity of 140ml.

Another plus is that cooking oil is cheap and easy to find all over the world. Lumir K is a simple, accessible and sustainable solution for those who need light and live in a place without access to electricity. There are many places around the world that suffer from an unreliable or non-existent supply of electricity. Its useful life is 10 years.

Of the 1.2 billion people who do not have access to electricity, the majority depend on kerosene lamps, which are dark and harmful to health and the environment, while the use of kerosene lamps the interior has the same effect as Smoking 40 cigarettes and the cost of fuel occupies up to 30% of household income.

For this reason, these types of inventions are an effective solution to the problem of lack of electricity in the poorest communities.

LUMIR K provides 4.1 more light than kerosene lamps, in addition to consuming 80% less fuel compared to kerosene lamps. It also reduces carbon emissions by 90%.


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