LunaR, the first solar powered smartwatch

For those who do not manage the one to recharge the wearable clothing; Good news. LunaR, the one that would become the first smartwatch (smart watch) of the world, is very close to its launch after its creators raised the requested funds in two days in a campaign to crowdfounding to produce your invention. Equipped with a transparent solar panel, this watch can work for up to three months with a fully charged battery.

However, it is very likely that whoever opts for it smart watch you don’t even have to worry about recharging it. Although it will include a USB charger, Making sure you have the energy to run is as easy as walking, on foot or on a bicycle, or go run with it. In fact, during any physical activity, LunaR not only recharges and tells the time. Technology that integrates “Feel” movements, in a way that helps to completely track calories burned, distance traveled, etc.

Beauty, simplicity, discreet intelligence and autonomy “. These are the four pillars of this watch, according to its creators. And in this last stage, that of autonomy, LunaR is absolutely a pioneer. “We love watches, we love technology, and we hate having to always be stressed to charge our devices.”. The creators say so. Your remedy? This innovation and the adherence to it of a transparent solar panel created exclusively for this watch.

The solar technology needed for this device to make charging a thing of the past comes from the company Sunpartner. Its panels have been specially designed to capture energy from a wide variety of light sources. So much so that, says the firm promoting LunaR, can run on solar and artificial energy.

To find out exactly how much charge remains on the 110mAh lithium polymer battery that this watch will have, its owners will have access to the LunaR App, which will allow you to determine the level of light collection at any time. Activity tracking can also be done through the app which will also alert you when it’s time to go to bed. Indeed, thanks to an algorithm that tracks deep and light sleep and wakefulness, LunaR is also ready to lend a cable to optimize sleep habits.

Its resistance to water – up to 50 meters – its integration with all kinds of applications (Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.) and, why not, its aesthetics, very neat, are other points. in favor of this innovation.

Designed for all types of profiles, LunaR winks, or more, to more travelers and adventurers. For them, for example, it is equipped with technology thanks to which it provides exact information about the time when it will rise and crackle where the owner is. Likewise, it will be possible to view the time of the place where you are if, for example, you are on vacation, and of your usual address.

With these characteristics and this unique point of being the first smart watch powered by the energy it captures from the sun, the creators of LunaR have activated a crowdfunding campaign which, in two days, raised the amount needed to launch the watch into production. Thus, it is expected that before the end of the year, more precisely by Christmas, the first 4000 copies will be available. The prize for who supported the campaign, $ 138; compared to 239 it will cost once put on sale.