Do you know what is that green marble that caught your eye? Discover the features and properties of Macael Marble

macael green marble

Green Macael marble is a material or stone with green tones of national origin, more specifically in Macael, province of Almería.

This area, since Roman times, has been linked to marble quarries, in fact there are the largest Spanish explorations. Several types are extracted from here, the macaw being perhaps the most popular. Along with green and white we can also find yellow, gray …

It is a marble with irregular white and scattered veins, where a dark green color predominates. It is a very exclusive material.

Among its components we find: monoclinic pyroxene, serpentine, magnesite, chlorite, dolomite or tremolite-actinolite. The serpentine is responsible for the greenish tone of this type of macael marble.

It can be used both outdoors and outdoors, where any finishing is allowed, although with some limitations for exterior polishing. It is most often used on countertops, tables and wall coverings where it offers a very interesting contrast.

Characteristics of green macael marbre

  • Flexural strength: 17.4 MPa
  • Shock resistance: 68 cm
  • Anchor resistance: 3550 n
  • Abrasion resistance: 19.0 mm
  • Apparent specific weight: 2.73