The concept of magnets is familiar to all of us. You’ve probably always had several in your fridge with doctor’s appointments, unpaid bills, or a few pictures that bring back fond memories. However, in addition to this use, we can also use the magnets to decorate.

Magnets to decorate

Magnets are one of the most traditional items one gives to friends as a souvenir of their travels. We can find them from any color, Cut or form. Maybe it’s his magnetic magnetism the one who attracts us to him, always falling into the temptation to bring him home.

Both the attraction and the magnetic repulsion that occurs can be activated with magnetic materials or also by electricity. This way we can differentiate between simple magnets and electromagnets.

How? ‘Or’ What ornamental element, magnets are great allies. Who doesn’t like to show off their trips to their home visits by showing off their precious collection of magnets on the fridge. A magnet represents a piece of this wonderful place we visit, and having it in the fridge allows us to remember this unforgettable experience every day.

Also, as we said at the beginning, magnets are our best friends when we need to remember something very important. Who never nearly missed a doctor’s appointment or the date to seal the strike, but there was our magnet stuck on the fridge exercising his magnetism to remind us.

In addition to this known use, it is also possible to use magnets to decorate a multitude of things or spaces in our home. Thus, we can give a different and much more personal touch to our reading corner, to the children’s room or to an old object that we regret to throw away but that we want to renew in some way.


Ultimately, magnets allow us to remember things that we would otherwise forget, and also bring back pleasant memories. But here we want to give these enigmatic and interesting pieces other uses which we are sure will be of great use to you.

How to make magnets and decorate

If you are looking for other uses for magnets, here are some other uses and Ideas to decorate that you will surely like them.

To work with magnets, no special tools are required. Just go to any hardware store and ask for a coin or a magnetic strip. Later, with the help of scissors, we will cut it into pieces as needed. When you want to surprise the person with whom you share your life or convey a little good humor to your colleagues, you can leave a message on a colored note attached with a magnet everywhere visible. They will definitely love to start their day with these positive messages!

In addition, in addition to placing them in the refrigerator, we can use the magnets to hold our spices, if we use small glass jars with steel lids. We will just have to buy a magnetic tape and fix it. This way we can place the jars under the kitchen furniture, right on the counter.

magnets for decorating spices

Another decorative use of magnets can be the renovation of old or old-fashioned items in the house. For example, we can align the lampshade that we no longer like with fabrics or whatever we like, and finally put a small magnet inside and place a decorative element on the outside, such as a flower or a knot.

If we have children at home, another possibility that decorating lamps with magnets offers us is to be able to change them as many times as we want. As we age, our little ones change their tastes and interests, so a decoration with magnets it is perfect for their environment to evolve like them. And all this without having to make payments!

Also in the kitchen we can repair a piece of magnetic tape on the wall and hang the utensils we use most frequently there. Thus, we will always have the scissors or our favorite knife to cut the vegetables at hand, without having to wash our hands so as not to stain the drawer as well.

In addition to the kitchen, magnets can be very useful in our bedroom, especially in our dresser. Surely on more than one occasion, when you’ve met your friends for a drink, you wish you had had a little more time to find that eye shadow that you put away in a drawer, or that hair clip with a butterfly your boyfriend gave you a long time ago.

Magnets offer you the solution! You just need to put a magnetic strip back on a surface of the wall or magnets at the bottom of the the cosmetics we want to put on the wall. This way, we can always have all of our products visible and close at hand, so we won’t be left with the envy on our next outing. And they look great on the wall!


In the bathroom at home we find a similar utility that is also very aesthetic. It is place small items that we use frequently, like rubber bands or hair clips, in boxes on which we will place a magnet underneath. It will also be useful for pliers or scissors. We will fix sheets of metal on the wall or on one of the shelves and prepare them for use.

These are just a few ideas for decorating your home using magnets. Once you have started to transform your home with these proposals, you will surely find new ones full of originality.

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