Having outdoor furniture and parquet floors or wooden surfaces in the garden or terrace brings greater elegance but you have to be careful and know how to treat the wood in order to keep it intact longer. Therefore, we want to offer you a guide in which we explain to you how maintenance of exterior wood: treatments, products and advice.

Exterior wood maintenance

The characteristic that we must take into account the most about wood is that, being a natural material, this subject to change over time. Precisely for this reason, it requires a series of treatments if you want to preserve its beauty over the years.

Maintenance of exterior wood: treatments, products and advice

Maintaining exterior wood is not difficult, you just need to know how treat the wood with specific products once or twice a year to always have well-maintained furniture and wood surfaces as if they were new.

Exterior wood maintenance

First of all, it should be emphasized not all wood is the same. In fact, among the different types there are suitable and recommended woods for outdoor use, we will find that require different types of care and treatment.

What we offer here is a brief guide to specific products for the treatment of wood on furniture and exterior surfaces, about their main features and how to best use them.

As we have already mentioned, if you want to properly treat exterior wood and thus make it perfect all year round, the main thing is to identify the type of wood and apply so him product indicated.

How to treat keru wood

Simple and classic, keruing is the ideal wood for exterior decoration accessories timeless class with characteristic red-brown reflections.

Frame Keruing It is highly appreciated in the garden furniture sector thanks to its good properties of durability that we can increase if we apply special treatment.

This way, if you have outdoor furniture made from this type of wood on your patio, the best options are definitely treatments based on vegetable oils . In fact, they are able to create a retype protection on the wood, excellent for preserving the wood from mold, ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents.

You can find several types on the market: natural which does not alter the color of the wood, or colored to restore its original color to wooden furniture. One of the most recommended, the Linseed oil Promade that we see above, for sale at Amazon. This type of oil should mix with white spirit or 20-30% solvent for the first coat and you can apply all the hands you need.

How to treat teak wood

The the most used wood for outdoor furniture is undoubtedly teak wood. Teak furniture are very resistant accessories that are not affected by atmospheric agents and temperature changes, for this reason they are ideal They are ideal for decorating outdoor environments.

Almost all teak outdoor furniture is rarely treated: it will be up to everyone to decide if and how to treat it, but taking into account that untreated teak naturally tends to acquire a particular gray appearance and gray over time.

Therefore, if you want protect and preserve the original beauty of your teak wood outdoor furniture, it suffices to treat the wood once or twice a year with a special natural oil like the Proa Teak Oil you see above. This type of treatment works by penetrating deep into the wood fibers for a protective and water-repellent action, but at the same time leaves the teak wood free to breathe.

How to treat other types of exterior wood

Woods suitable for outdoors require, as we have already emphasized, not too demanding but regular maintenance. If that doesn’t happen, we may end up seeing how original color could be changed both aesthetic and in terms of duration over time.

For wooden garden furniture, there are maintenance kits ready to use for DIY, very easy to use, capable of protect and remove dirt to restore the wood to its original splendor.

Among the best products in this regard, we can recommend to you, the waterproof satin wood protector XYLAZEL that you can directly apply as many coats as you want (sold at Leroy Merlin).

How to treat wood for exterior floors

Parquet floors are undoubtedly very popular both for their charm and for their elegance. With use and exposure to atmospheric agents, it is normal that the wood needs treatments for restoration and maintenance.

These treatments are not difficult, you just need to be a little careful and choose the right products for your parquet.

In fact, even for these, there already exists prepared maintenance oils capable of restoring wood exterior floors to their original splendor. These are treatments that can also be used by the less experienced and, if applied regularly, they will allow us to avoid costly professional interventions. Among the best, Oli-Natura Oil which you can see above.

Tips and products for cleaning wood outdoors

It is often (mistakenly) thought that a slightly worn wooden piece of furniture should be thrown away because it is now unrecoverable, but in reality it is not.

Today, thanks to a constant commitment to research and development, we can find all kinds of oils and products for the treatment of wood. In particular, there are wood cleaning treatments that can also remove the aged patina that has been formed over the years, for new furniture as if you had just bought it!

Thanks to these increasingly innovative products for treating wood, you can enrich your outdoor space with wooden furniture of timeless beauty and durability, so that this wood always looks neat.

In addition, don’t forget to cover the outdoor furniture well when you are not using them, maybe during the cold season, and it will even be good to leave them stacked in a corner of the garden or the terrace so that they do not receive the wind or the effects of the sun.

Returning to the products, we also leave you a table, in which you can see the best products for treating exterior wood, which we currently have on Amazon:

Luminos – Protective varnish for …


Roxil Lasur Waterproof Transparent for …

PROMADE – 100% pure cooked linseed oil …

Luminos – Protective varnish for …

Luminos - Protective varnish for ...



Roxil Lasur Waterproof Transparent for …

Roxil Lasur Waterproof Transparent for ...

PROMADE – 100% pure cooked linseed oil …

PROMADE - 100% pure cooked linseed oil ...