In Wood Me we always bet that you are the one who can do all kinds of chores around the house and although we have told you on several occasions already about how to fix furniture or electrical appliances, now we show you how to do it. a sofa cover.

Make a sofa cover

Sofa covers are very useful because allow protected and unstained, in addition to making it last longer and may have a different color than the one that comes from the factory.

Currently, we can go to different home textile stores or centers and buy a sofa cover, but the truth is that depending on the size to be covered, they can be quite expensive. A good idea will be ours because you only need a little fabric, practice sewing and nothing else. Let’s see how to make a sofa cover below.

How to make a sofa cover:

Buy fabric, sofa model

First of all, we need to be clear about making a sofa cover it will be almost the same as making a garment, since on the one hand we have to buy the fabric and we will also have to remove the pattern from our sofa so that the cover fits perfectly.

The fabric we can buy it in clothing stores and where they will tell us which thickness is appropriate. If we don’t want to buy it, we can take advantage of, for example, some old leaves that we have at home.

As for Model, it is not more than take the measurements of the sofa, both in length and in width, also taking into account concepts such as sofa background You will need a little more fabric so it’s better than not running out.

We also keep in mind that each sofa will have two or three seats and that each can be taken apart. armchair, For what each of them will also need their own piece of fabric or sheet so that we can “cover it”.

Start making the sofa cover:


  • The first thing I recommend is to make the cushionsor seats. For this we will have to cut 2 pieces of fabric, leaving 40 cm more for the seats. With a little velcro tape, we can cover the part of the hems and glue it well so that the fabric is tight, then glue the other part in the area under the seats so that they can be joined.

Sofa arm:

  • We take the measurement of the sofa and cut 2 pieces of fabric, to which we go hem at each end to be able put a ribbon that is used to stick them. Next, we will have to place velcro tape on the arms of the sofa so that it can be glued with the one we have placed on the fabric.

Sofa backrest:

  • As we did with the cushions or with the armrests of the sofa, we can do it with the backrest. Only we will need a slightly larger piece of fabric and that we can attach by velcro strip. Those of you who are a bit more “DIY” or have a sewing machine can also make this type of cover by placing a rubber in the lower area, so that when you go to place the cover it’s like a kind of glove and also covers also the part of the arms.

Sofa cover for modular sofas

If this happens to you like with the last sofa I bought (a modular faux leather sofa), making the cover is a must. In summer, this skin type sticks a lot, so having a blanket on top is essential. If you need to separate the modules, you will not be able to make a single blanket, but you will need to have different blankets for the areas you are separating.

How to plan a modular sofa cover

The best way to approach a modular sofa cover is to break the problem down into sub-problems, using the steps we just saw. Thus, we will give each module the same entity as if it were a complete sofa, although it will always be simpler.

In the case of central modules, we will only need one piece of fabric. For the corners, we will only have to cut the fabric for the corresponding arm.

I leave you a video on how to make a sofa cover:

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