Manfred Mornhinweg

Manfred Mornhinweg is one of those people who always wanted escape the stress of cities and live in the countryside, surrounded by nature. But he also did not want to give up certain comforts that today’s society offers us, such as electricity.

For it, started by buying 40 hectares of land in Chile. This property did not have access to electricity, so Manfred he designed his own mini hydroelectric power station. With it, their electrical needs were covered in a totally sustainable way with their environment.

For this, the flow that crosses their property was fundamental. With a little of its flow, its hydroelectric plant would cover all its energy needs. In the drawing, you can see the drawing he lifted:

mini hydroelectric

We can not say that it is simple, because it is not for normal people without technical knowledge, but surely among our readers there is someone who will be motivated by seeing this project. In the long run, this will surely inspire another project.


And this is where the water ends, in the same river from which it was taken, that is to say as clean as it was taken:


The project itself is both curious and motivating, but its greatness lies in the fact that Manfred documented the entire construction process, explained step by step, in a Full web to more power. Amazing work that will provide you with clean energy for many years to come, probably all you will need.