Massaranduba wood is a very dense, hard and resistant tropical wood. Although it can be used in several areas, it stands out in the manufacture of outdoor decks for gardens, swimming pools, etc.

It comes from Scepter America, the Caribbean and South America. Its production is relatively abundant.

Given the properties of massaranduba, not only in terms of hardness, but also in terms of coloring, it is considered a common substitute for Ipé.

Its scientific name is Manilkara.

Features of Wood Massaranduba

Color: The heartwood is reddish which darkens with time. The sapwood has yellow tones that clearly differentiate it from the heartwood.

Fiber: irregular. Sometimes wavy and / or interlaced.

Grain: fine to medium.

Density: It has a density of approximately 1080 kg / m3 at 12% humidity. It is so dense that it does not float.

Toughness (Monnin): 12.9. Very hard wood.

Durability: It is a very durable wood that resists the attack of most insects. It is susceptible to attack by marine borers.

Dimensional stability:

  • Volumetric contraction coefficient: 0.75%. It is a nervous to very nervous wood.

Workability: Due to its extraordinary hardness and density, it can present problems when working. This includes tool wear and the need to use a diamond saw.

  • Sawn. Complex for its hardness and density.
  • Drying. Slow.
  • Brushed. Complex for its hardness and density.
  • Glued. Difficult due to the density and the presence of oils.
  • Nailed and screwed. Requires knockouts.
  • Finish. No problems.
  • Allergies May cause skin irritation.

PriceComparatively, the price of massaranduba is below Ipé.

Uses of massaranduba

Its uses include the construction of structures and soils, but they are not the only ones:

  • Carpentry assembly.
  • Indoor and outdoor platform. It is in the latter case that the use of massaranduba wood stands out.
  • Ship building.
  • Waterworks.
  • Interior and exterior carpentry.
  • Furniture.
  • Spinning.

From massaranduba a kind of latex dense and inelastic with which golf balls were made.