McDonald's first zero-emission restaurant thanks to a Spanish photovoltaic glass coating

McDonalds has covered the entire structure of its new zero-emission restaurant in the United States with photovoltaic glass from Onyx Solar.

192 units of 291 W / unit crystalline amorphous silicon glass with a gray finish, with a total installed power of 55.80 kWp.

Located at Walt Disney World Resort, in Orlando, Florida, the McDonalds chain has opened its new restaurant after 9 months of renovations and modernization, its first zero-emission restaurant in the US, using technology from Spanish company Onyx Solar.

The main material of this project is Onyx Solar photovoltaic glass, which they used to cover the entire structure of the building, combining it with vertical gardens to absorb CO2.

Conventional photovoltaic solar panels have also been installed in the car parks, as well as a natural ventilation system: an automatic system of shutters that open and close according to the humidity and the outside temperature, allowing energy savings. considerable energy.

Inside the building there is a space specially dedicated to the sustainable characteristics of the project, where users can see videos of the project carried out by Ross Barney Architects, technical details and how technology can help us fight change. climate.


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Onyx Solar is a technology company founded in 2009 in Ávila that manufactures photovoltaic glass for buildings. During these years, it has received more than 75 international awards, making it the most awarded company in the history of the photovoltaic sector. A few months ago, the European Commission itself awarded Onyx Solar the “European Innovation Champion” award in 2019.

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