When birthdays are happening, or children’s parties in general, it is a really good idea exactly as it is with parties for us seniors to make them more fun by giving them a specific theme. In today’s article we want to give you an idea that will certainly delight the little ones. It will also serve as an inspiration to the older ones: a birthday party with Olympic motifs, with party medals, trophies Yes brooches. We will tell you how to prepare this type of party and what decoration we are going to prepare. We’ll also give you some tips for making these fun and colorful ornaments yourself. Get ready, go, go!

Party medals

Organizing an Olympic-themed party will be the most fun for the little ones. This will give them a great opportunity to feel like those of their most admired athletes and will surely make the party a chance to get moving and stay awake. As parents, it’s a great idea to throw an Olympic birthday party for you to enjoy. And if we want them to really step into the situation and feel like the best in the sport, we won’t do any harm by following some of the advice we’ve provided since. DIY10 we contribute.

First of all, why not, you have to prepare medals. Medals can fulfill various tasks in our birthday party. For starters, we can use them to deliver a more original birthday invitation. We can prepare small cardboard medals on which the name of each guest is written. That way, when it comes to handing them out, our son or daughter can do it among their classmates as a reward. Without a doubt, it will be a source of joy for all and they will keep them with love to pretend that they are champions. For these invitation medals we can place a thread through, for example, a large chocolate piece. It is also a good idea line it with albal paper to which we will have drawn some Olympic motifs.


Another option is to prepare them ourselves with cardboard. It is a very simple procedure. With a compass we will mark several circles of the measure that interests us for our medals. Later, we’ll cut them out one by one and at this point it’s a great idea to capture a pencil or marker drawing on the (preferably smooth) cardboard. For example, a simple pattern like some schematic lines or some circles like those on the Olympic rings may be worth it. If these designs are punched in a bit with a punch. Later, when we cover the cardboard medal with foil, we can go through the grooves and get a relief effect. We assure you that these medals for the holidays (what seenour own delighted children will help you make) the rest of their friends will treasure them. Maybe we prefer to distribute the medals during the party so that all the children have one during the party.

Party trophies

At our birthday party, we can also use the trophies to give personality and identity at the theme party we are going to organize. For example, a very fun formula is to prepare appetizers decorated with a stick according to the positions of the podium. It is also a very good idea to place flags of different countries at the top to give it a more international feel. We suggest that the colors of the whole celebration be inspired by those of the Olympic Games: yellow, green, red, blue and black. Of course, in addition to these a lot of gold and white background. No bronze or silver: on this day everyone is special, they come first.

It is a very good idea to share the theme with all aperitifs either with the flags or with the hoops or the color gold at its base. In this sense, the piñata should not neglect us. Not for nothing, it is the biggest trophy of a birthday party. We can make all the candy inside share the colors of the olympic games party, and we can ask for some kind of piñata with which the reason can be identified, either because of the sporting question or because of the flag problem. Within it we can also include more gold medals.


It is not a bad idea to organize a small gymkhana if we have enough space or some kind of “competition” between them. It is good to organize something that is not overly competitive, for example a team match where the members of each team take turns. Our interest must go through the creation of a climate of sportiness and fun.

Party pins

The idea of ​​party brooches is undoubtedly one of the most successful among parents and children. Parents appreciate it because it is very affordable and evokes the theme of the Olympic Games. In addition, it allows children to be offered a lot of variety (especially for their colors) without having to go to too much trouble. They are of a hard to break material and they will surely bring them home with them. So you don’t have to worry about being left in the middle.

Today we can buy Olympic garlands at a very good price. With them, we will commemorate as it deserves our special tribute to sport and to the little ones. Another option among the party pins is to each place a small badge that hangs around their neck. This detail will appeal to everyone because, seeing the ceremonies on television watch it in athletes and journalists. Likewise, we can prepare a homemade brooch for you with cardboard, terracotta or plastic-coated wire that can be placed on your shirt, dress or jacket. It will give them the impression of belonging to the party and of being part of the champions.


We can only remind you that you can find a wide range of utensils and decorations that will undoubtedly help you to make an unforgettable party for your little ones. Miniature trophies, flag cords, personalized Olympic cakes. Even prepare a small podium. They can pose there to immortalize an unforgettable moment like that of a child’s birthday.

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