Basil is an aromatic herb that belongs to the laminate family, which comes from tropical regions of Asia such as Iran or India among others.

Basil is excellent for culinary use, due to its excellent aroma and delicious flavor.

Basil known since antiquity for its medicinal benefits.

Basil, too, has behind it different legends, myths and cultural aspects that characterize it. For example, some African legends claim that this herb protects against scorpions and in some European traditions they have claimed that Basil symbolized Satan.

Hundreds of years ago in Greece it was believed that basil was a symbol of unhappiness, hatred and poverty, but today in Italy, basil represents love.

There are many cultural references that catalog basil, and countless gastronomic uses that can be given to it, therefore basil is a completely complete herb.

Here we show you its excellent uses and medicinal properties, which will probably impress you with its incredible impact on the body. We’ll take a look!

Properties of basil.

Basil is an excellent medicinal plant to treat various ailments of the body, so here we have a list of the components that make up its composition and how it helps our body:

It contains essential oils, which are excellent antioxidants for the body, ideal for improving the immune system and increasing the body’s defenses.

It contains Linalool, Estragol, Cienol and Eugenol, linalyl acetate, saponosides, flavonoids such as kenferol, esculoside and quercetroside, and caffeic acid.

Benefits of basil.

Thanks to its components, basil is ideal for treating the following problems:

  • Helps control memory and nerves.
  • It improves symptoms of bronchial problems, so it prevents and treats colds.
  • Helps prevent diseases such as dengue and malaria.
  • Improves the immune and respiratory system.
  • It is antibacterial, so it is excellent for removing acne.
  • It improves sore throats and is ideal for combating stress.
  • Thanks to its phytonutrients and flavonoids, basil has important anti-inflammatory properties.
  • It also has sedative properties, which makes it ideal for treating headaches.
  • Reduce fever.
  • Increases kidney function.
  • Helps to treat and fight all types of fungi.
  • It also helps to fight against insect or mosquito bites.
  • Helps improve the cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease.
  • The juice that we can extract from basil is great for improving the problems of teeth and eyes.

Uses of basil.

We want to share with you some quick and natural recipes to improve some of the above conditions.

Boil the basil leaves with the cardamom, then add milk and sugar to them. Taking it every 2 or 3 hours is ideal for reducing fever.

Chewing 12 leaves twice a day helps reduce stress and calm the nervous system.

Improve the headache if you put basil leaves in boiling water as an infusion and take a few tablespoons every hour.

For bites, wounds or any skin problem, it is recommended to crush the basil leaves until smooth, then place them on the affected area.

Basil is relatively easy to reproduce by cutting, so you can have all the basil plants you need for free.

Remember to consult your doctor before starting any treatment with herbal remedies.

How to get basil seeds.

In order to get our basil seeds, we have to let the plant come out its flowers in the spring or summer and wait for them to dry out. It is always interesting to try to delay the flowering time of the basil so that sometimes we can prune the basil in such a way that it will take a little longer to bring out the flower and therefore we will enjoy this plant for a lot longer .

How and why to plant basil in the garden.

The advantage of having basil near tomatoes, peppers, zucchini or cucumber is that it helps us control pests such as whiteflies or aphids, some even claim that they enhance the flavor of tomato!

How to reproduce basil by cutting it.

Reproducing this plant is very simple, the first thing is to get a sprig of basil, we can ask a friend for it or take it from a plant that we already have. You have to take these little branches that come out of the main stem, similar to tomato suckers, and cut them, from there the miracle will happen 😉