Furniture in the house can be made of different materials and one of those currently used most often and in more models is melamine.


Melamine furniture

Melamine bedroom furniture

The melamine furniture, it is a type of furniture made of a specific material that in addition to withstanding all kinds of conditions so that they last longer and that they are also a lot less expensive.

What is melamine furniture:


  • Melamine is a special molecule that makes it possible to manufacture resins, plastics or glues and this over time has developed in such a way that it is essential for the manufacture of many pieces of furniture that we know today and that we can find in many homes.
  • Between the Benefits where the advantages of melamine furniture would be essentially price, because they are really cheap and they are also treated in such a way that it can withstand high temperatures such as humidity and cold.
  • In short, it must be said that not all are advantages for this type of furniture since we can add that thisOver time, they can peel off.
  • Melamine is a material that also makes it possible to make furniture in different colors. Being able to clean them is also quite simple, and it is also able to “imitate” other materials and styles such as wood.

Melamine also withstands the passage of time with ease if one knows how to take care of the piece of furniture or have it at home without barely touching it or in fact, and although it seems obvious, children live in the room. House.


Melamine furniture for any part of the house:

Melamine-furniture-for-the-living room

Melamine furniture for the living room:

  • The TV cabinet, shelves or living room furniture can be made of this material, and again I repeat the models that imitate wood.

Melamine furniture for the bedroom:


  • While beds are still made from this material, the truth is that some bedside tables, drawers, and cabinets can be made of melamine. In addition, the shelves that we usually place in this part of the house can be made with this material.

Melamine furniture for the “office”:


  • If we have a study or work space in our house, we can furnish it without problem with melamine furniture and among these we can find tables or desks as well as a chair.

Melamine furniture for the bathroom:


  • Some cabinets or shelves in the sink may be made of melamine.

Melamine furniture for the kitchen:


  • Kitchen cabinets and shelves can also be found in melamine in different colors and the kitchen table or stools can also be made of this material.

I leave you photos of some melamine furniture:

Video of melamine furniture:

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