Merbau wood is an elegant wood, with excellent stability and resistance. These qualities make it one of the best options for the manufacture of floors and parquet floors, and also for other applications where resistance is essential.

Its scientific name is Intsia spp. It is also known as Kwila or Ipil. We can find it from East Africa to Southeast Asia. And also in Oceania.

Although the species is not yet in danger of extinction, a considerable part of the forest mass it once covered has been lost. Therefore, considering how vulnerable.

Features of Wood Merbau

Color: Originally it has orange tones, which darken to a darker reddish brown. Small yellow deposits are common, which are soluble in water and can cause stains. Oily touch.

Fiber: In a straight line. Occasionally intertwined.

Grain: Medium to thick.

Density: Density approx. 810 kg / m3Therefore, it is a heavy wood.

Toughness: Hard wood, 6.4 according to the Chaláis-Meudon test.

Durability: Very durable species. Resistant to attack by insects and fungi.

Dimensional stability: It is a stable wood.

  • 0.38% of the volumetric contraction coefficient. A little nervous wood.
  • Relationship between 1639 contractions without a tendency to warp.

Mechanical properties:

  • Compressive strength: 670 kg / cmtwo
  • Resistance to static bending: 1,350 kg / cmtwo
  • Modulus of elasticity: 154,000 kg / cmtwo


  • Sawn. Difficult due to its hardness and the presence of silica, which accelerates the wear of the machines.
  • Drying. Slow, with risk of cracks and small deformations.
  • Brushed. Troubled due to interlaced fiber. To which are added the problems derived from its hardness.
  • Glued. Easy, except in the presence of oils on the surface, which must be cleaned.
  • Nailed and screwed. Due to its density, pre-drilling is required.
  • Finish. No problems.
  • It can cause allergic reactions, mainly irritation of the skin and nasal mucosa.

Price: The price of merbau wood is not high because it is an exotic and very hardwood. It is usually sold in large pieces.

Merbau usa

  • Manufacture of parquet floors or platforms. It is the main use of merbau wood. Although it can be used outdoors, it is a wood of great presence and elegance that is used mainly as an indoor floor.
  • Furniture and joinery.
  • Spinning.
  • Interior and exterior carpentry: doors, windows, moldings, frames …
  • Carpentry for assembly or construction of structures.
  • Natural wood veneers.
  • Naval building.
  • Musical instruments.