Mineral paint is composed of a proportional mixture of inorganic mineral pigments and insoluble silicates. These paints have an appearance similar to lime paint, but with a quality and duration clearly superior.

Silicate paints are composed of several minerals. Its quality depends on the mixture of potassium silicate and inorganic mineral pigments.

The potassium silicate reacts with the ink support and with the pigments, forming a mineral structure linked by the said insoluble silicates, in a petrification or silicification process.

Silicate paints were patented by AWKeim in 1878 and consist of a mixture of inorganic pigments and liquid potassium silicate.

These paintings are very shiny and durable and provide protection for the walls.

The second generation of mineral paints used silicate dispersion instead of liquid potassium silicate. The modern generation Silicate paint is known as sol-silicate paint and contains a combination of two mineral binders, liquid potassium silicate and silica sol.

These paints can be used in various media: organic, mineral and mixed. Can be applied indoors and outdoors, provide concrete protection, serve to treat moisture, renew natural stones, among other applications.

Mineral or silicate paint applications

Mineral paints can be considered ecological because its manufacture uses renewable raw materials, which do not harm the environment during its manufacture, application or disposal.

These paints can be applied both indoors and outdoors, with a very long duration. They allow the treatment of moisture in the walls, due to the waterproof nature of the silicates. Their water-repellent power makes them protective against water condensation, but at the same time they are permeable to water vapor, which prevents the formation of cracks and shattering.

They are water-based paints with a matte finish that makes them aesthetically suitable for indoor and outdoor. They are resistant to ultraviolet rays. They are applied with a brush or brush and require at least two coats to cover the surfaces.

They come in two dilutions: cover paint or stain. It is a washable paint, it perfectly resists bad weather and also compromised environments such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Its appearance is similar to that of lime paint, but its adhesion, durability and resistance are vastly superior. They are also odorless and hypoallergenic and come in a wide variety of colors.