Word former refers to everything the past and that we are currently using. This also applies to talking about decorative mirrors. From clothing to decoration, including certain customs or “poses”, vintage has become increasingly important in recent years. We almost always focus this concept on the recent past. We all think of the 1930s or 1950s for inspiration vintage designs.

However, other styles, eras and decades are gaining more and more followers. In this article, we want to go over some of the main vintage styles. And above all, we want to focus on an everyday object that often goes unnoticed. Because style is in every little detail that surrounds us, including for example our bathroom. Indeed, in this article we want to tell you about decorative mirrors for our bathroom and our walls. In them we can also give a vintage touch that brings out the whole space with more style. Very attentive!

Decorative mirrors

Mirrors play a fundamental role in any space, but especially in the bathroom. It is not only a tool where we can see our appearance, but also (and above all) a crucial element in distributing space. A mirror helps to give feeling of space throughout the stay. This makes it a room that reorganizes the entire space around it. Therefore, it is essential to take into account their style and appearance. We can say that a mirror is a source of coherence for an entire room.

Thus, mirrors should be a top priority when it comes to decorate our house. For this, we have all kinds of types and materials. And, referring to what we’ve said before, with all kind of styles and eras. It is not the same to place a modern designer mirror as a mirror inspired by the hippie era. Neither of the previous two will have anything to do with a piece of furniture from thbaroque or neoclassical style. Therefore, we cannot do without the mirror when decorating as if it is just a room where we can look at our reflection.

We must therefore first try to think about what the appearance that one wishes to give to the space to decorate. First of all, we need to choose what kind of style we want for the ensemble. Then, and only then, will we choose the right mirror. Likewise, where we place it will be very important. If, for example, we are going to place our new mirror in a small room, placing it in the back will go a long way towards making the whole space feel spacious.

It goes without saying that at Bricolaje10 we always encourage you to create your own creations.

Bathroom mirrors

The bathroom is a very special place. In the case of the mirror, we can say that it is this part which gives the glamor and distinction throughout the room. Indeed, if we take certain details into account, we can have a very positive influence on everything around you. To begin with, let’s distinguish certain eras and therefore certain styles.

If our bathroom has a lot of light, it is certainly better choose a color that helps to highlight it. In this sense, pastel tones play a very important role. They will help give more presence to the whole room thanks to the contrast of their soft lines with the daylight. If we choose white as the color of our mirror, we have to make sure it has a thick frame so that it reveals its presence and elegance.

For all these reasons, for very bright bathrooms, we recommend using vintage mirrors inspired by the call victorian age. In other words, “baroque” cutting mirrors do not mean overloaded. In short, furniture of a more classic cut. Imagine the whole room empty. All the clarity that comes in and one of those mirrors placed in front, as soon as you walk in. As you can see, your own imagination demands that things like the tub or the faucets surrounding it conform.


For darker bathrooms, the ’60s come to the rescue. We are talking about flat mirrors, without volume and with lighting around them. These are the typical mirrors of cabarets. These decorative mirrors They help the whole room to become bright, hiding its intention. When all the light is around the mirror, you don’t feel like you “have to be there” because the room is dark. It makes it feel like so many lights are doing a job. Yes, these are the little things that the decoration must fool us.

Wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are those that rest either leaning against a wall so that you can contemplate yourself in them with your whole body, or they act like a wall. In other words, they cover an entire space which, in principle, should stay smooth and opaque. This is again one of the uses and advantages that mirrors can offer us. Besides helping to enlarge the space, they will come from beads to also enhance the light. These types of decorative mirrors will enhance any feeling around you. It is therefore very important to maintain a well-defined color line, as well as a well-chosen combination game.


This type of mirror was widely used in the seventies. The carefree hippie trends they sought to recreate a feeling of paradox in the spaces. Later this lasted until the disco era. Of course, if the mirror you are going to choose does not cover the entire wall but only a space that allows you to contemplate your whole body, a simple mirror in line with the rest of the colors will do the trick.

Vintage mirrors

Although throughout this article we have taken the opportunity to give you some vintage references while we talk about the possibilities of mirrors, we want to dedicate a last section exclusively to the different types of vintage mirrors. This will be useful for you in choosing the type of decoration you want for your home. Many times, because we don’t know, we combine elements from very different eras. We hope this helps you.


When choosing a vintage mirror you should keep in mind that it should combine with what is immediately closest. If we have a 1930s mirror with a newly designed gooseneck, the potential of our vintage mirror will have been lost. Likewise, in the case of decorative mirrors of classic style, all the accessories that surround them must be made of “vintage” materials. For this type of mirror, the furniture that should accompany it is preferably made of wood. Likewise, everything around you should be of obvious subtlety. For example, boxes with ornaments or delicate toiletry bags they can help highlight it. In short, when choosing a vintage mirror, you have to take care of all the details, because as we have said, they can become the main element of a room.

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