In Wood Me we want your house to always look splendid and without a doubt the facade is important as a first impression, now we will talk about how to achieve a modern and current look. Then we show you the modern facades.


Modern facades

the modern facades they are facades which are generally for example painted colors which do not conform to the standard or which in fact have a form in their construction which is also not what we always see. First of all, we’ll need to know exactly what we mean when we talk about facade.

What is a facade ?:

modern colored facades

  • A facade is usually the exterior part of any type of building, even though we all think the facade will be the facade of a house.
  • In all cases, it should be noted that all the exterior itself is the facade of a house or building, but that we can name as such the area in front and when we have to define the other areas, we will say back facade or side facade.

How to get a modern facade will be relatively simple if you are well advised and if we also have a clear idea of ​​what we want in our house. On the one hand, we will have to decide how to make our facade modern if in fact the house is already built. If, on the contrary, we need to build it or think about it, we can ask the architect from the start of the project I design a modern building.

How to get a modern facade:


Color. If your home needs an “improvement” in terms of its exterior, there are a few details we can apply that will help it look a lot more modern. One of these will be the The painting. For this we canChoose colors other than typical white, although it is sometimes difficult for us to adapt to change. Try to paint the facade of your house in a bluish or greenish tone, you will see how its appearance changes dramatically.


Different doors. The houses in a neighborhood are generally all of the same style. We can make our facade modern, simply by changing the type of front door or painting it in another color. Imagine the facade completely white and the door was red, for example. It would drastically change his appearance.


Roof. the the ceiling or the roof of a house can also radically change the appearance of our facade. Although the houses usually have a roof made of wood tiles or some other material, we can choose to make it look different and for example, why not try install solar panels or panels? You will surely make it look totally different and also save electric power.

Here are some ideas that we can easily apply to our home (on a budget of course) to give our facade a more modern look. We also have all those houses which are generally built today and which usually have, for example, oval areas or which are in fact different from the usual square houses and obviously give them a completely modernist appearance.

Photos of modern facades: