Cheaper, safer and with less environmental impact. These are the guarantees with which the Morcillo wind system is presented, a generator ‘Made in Murcia ‘capable of produce between 200 and 400 kilowatts per hour and supply a hundred housing units.

Ricardo Morcillo, industrial mechanic from Cieza, has been working on this invention for no more or less than 14 years which, combining research, experience acquired in his work and commitment, has succeeded in implementing his proposal for an alternative wind turbine: the RM400, on which he continues to work with his children.

The differences between the Morcillo wind turbine and three-blade mills are obvious. To begin with, the ciezano is a horizontal axis wind turbine, with which occupies up to 15 meters wide. The platform, which has a height of 20 meters in diameter, reaches 300 kw (kilowatts) of installed power.

This capacity practically doubles what this Murcian and his two sons achieved in their first attempts to fashion this generator, in which they managed to lift a mill 14 meters in diameter with an available capacity of 160 kW.

The objective of the creator is “get the most out of this system“ensure, has many advantages over vertical wind turbines. This is particularly about their better support, which would provide these structures with greater security. Among the virtues of this mill is also added its lower environmental impact, since the blades of the Morcillo system are integrated into the structure and operate at low height, so that minimize the risk of collision for birds.

But there is yet another pro which multiplies the attractions of the invention and its possible application: its cost is much more limited than that of installing a vertical system, its maintenance costs are lower and its lifespan is longer than that of other wind turbines on the market.

This would open the doors to SMEs and, why not, to people with enough space to have their own wind turbine and be self-sufficient in energy. Currently, the company created by Ricardo Morcillo, Sistema Eólico Morcillo SL, is in phase of capital increase and in full search of partners wishing to participate in this initiative with a minimum contribution of 10,000 euros.

The objective after this capital increase and after the invention: “establishment of wind farms throughout the national and international territory“With a system that, according to the company, benefits 100% from the wind, and that this industrial mechanic aspires to continue improving on his family farm in Cieza.


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