first rechargeable solar battery

The American startup Mosaic He has been launching crowdfunding campaigns for a little over two years that offer people the opportunity to invest from $ 25 in roofs of photovoltaic homes, by financing solar energy projects.

An investment model that has been a success from the start, when in less than 24 hours all the project objectives were achieved, a success that can only be explained by the interest of people in solar energy and the attractiveness of new investment models.

In this first project, more than 400 investors contributed between $ 25 and $ 30,000 for the proposed solar projects, obtaining a total of $ 313,000. These solar energy projects, which initially installed powers between 47 kW and 102 kW on the rooftops of American homes, allowed residents of New York and California (and other accredited American investors) to invest in a company as safe (in the US).) and reliable as the sun.

The projects offer an annual return of 4-7%, tax-free, for 5-10 years, according to Mosaic. A very competitive income compared to most financial products on the market. Where is the money?

Investor money is used to install photovoltaic panels in buildings. Mosaic sells clean generated electricity to the residents of the property at a below market price and under a long term contract. The income generated is used to return the money with interest to investors, to amortize the facility and to grow the business.

The benefits of this business model are not only economic, but also environmental (clean energy is generated) and social (investment in affordable housing for low-income Californians).