Decoration: ideas for modern coffee tables or mouse models for the living room or living room. Photos. Sizes, shapes, materials, etc.

auxiliary tables

Mouse tables, also called central or auxiliary tables, are one of the essential elements in any environment. On the one hand, you can add style and add a touch of color to a decoration. On the other hand, they are very practical.

They usually make snacks, put cell phones, TV controls or anything else while we are sitting on the couch … Some even offer magazine storage, some cutlery, etc.

The ideal choice will depend a lot on the use you are going to give. For a large family of little ones, a beautiful but small coffee table is useful when everyone sits down to watch a movie together. If we are one of those who move things around the floor all day, including furniture, we must pay special attention to resistance and mobility.

Mouse table ideas

mouse desk ideas
coffee table

coffee table


Tips for coffee tables

  • Size matters. For a small living room, we cannot choose a large coffee table. It is preferable to look for versatile options, that is, with storage or even folding.
  • O height it is also important. If we have a high sofa and a coffee table, the situation becomes uncomfortable. On the other hand, a low sofa and a high table can hinder, even hinder the vision. Usually, a height similar to that of the sofa is recommended. There are models that offer removable or liftable surfaces.
  • Think about him space this will leave the table when you put it on. You should leave enough to pass comfortably or get off the couch without tripping.
  • If you have children at home, choose materials that do not stain easily. Also avoid sharp corners and glass that can hurt. Rounded shapes can be ideal.
  • O form The most common of the mouse tables is the rectangular one. Squares are best when we have several sofas, facing each other or side by side, and we want to maintain a certain proportion. The rounds are a wildcard, in addition to being more comfortable to avoid the problem of the legs.
  • If we are looking for a little space, forget about the occasional tables with storage.
  • materials: The glass being transparent improves the clarity and the feeling of space in the place. In addition, they are very easy to clean. Wood is very versatile, and not only allows you to make any shape, but also find designs for any style. Plastics are ideal for modern environments. Metal and stones like marble can adapt very well to the space, although we usually find them in more traditional decorations. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that in both things they are heavy options.