When he fathers Day is approaching, many children all over the world turn on their antennae and begin to think about what gift they will give their father on this important day. Of course, often we don’t think about what can give one to his father.fathers-day-decorated-mugThere’s a lot creativity in the air these days to celebrate the Fathers Day And every year it gets harder and harder to get better every day, but here we’ve found some perfect ideas to remind you every day how much we love you.

With a Chopped off Not only do we show you how much you love us, but every coffee, every morning, you will remember it with these mugs with funny messages and thus start the day with enthusiasm. Therefore, these mugs are a great gift option.

For anyone looking to give something economical and but from the heart, we invite you to do with us today on bricolaje10.com, a beautiful mug decorated for fathers day.

If you want to do it yourself we have to talk about what we need is a cup of white ceramic, that we like him fit and that he looks really cute for our dad. Then we have to get some paints for the ceramic which we will use for decorate the mug with drawings Yes words of affection. To apply these paints we will need brushes, and to fix our work on the cup we will need a homemade oven.

We will paint the cup with the desired design. Without limits and with a lot of love and affection. Always thinking of all that our parents have given us in our lifetimes and the wishes we have for them.

When we have finished the design, we look at the instructions on the ceramic paint container where we have to indicate the temperature and the baking time needed to set the job.

Coloring page father’s day: dad

There is no better gift than the one created by our own childrenThese are very special gifts that they put all their love into. It doesn’t matter if the design is more or less perfect the important thing is dedication and feel loved by them. In that case, a very personal mug, full of stars and colors and especially with the word daddy.

We just need to buy special markers for porcelain and let them do the rest. A very original and unique gift to give to dad on fathers day.

Coloring page Father’s Day: chalk message

There are mugs on the market that have a chalkboard paint, they are ideal for leaving messages and of course, for decorating and giving to dad. Messages that can be chalked like those in the image above, “Thank you” and “I love you”. What better message could we expect from our little ones for Father’s Day?

Coloring page father’s day: a fishing day

Dad would love to spend the weekend with me fishingThat’s what the little one who decorated this mug must have thought. A super dad what did you want to represent with a fishing rod and a captured minnow. A mug that dad will proudly use to share these tender moments with the little one.

Coloring page father’s day: my hands

To give dad a personalized mug, we can use the models or translate our little one’s hands. A unique hand, the one that we have grabbed so many times and that we can now keep in mind at any time of the day.

Who wouldn’t have a cup of coffee such a pretty and original mug with their little hands surrounded by little fish, a great idea for coloring and giving fathers day.

Coloring page father’s day: super dad

Sure that dad is in love with superheroes, those special beings who give their lives to defend the weak. So a good idea is to give dad a cup of Super dad, a mug so you can remember what it means to us every day. He protects us and takes care of us, loves us and educates us, we are what a great daddy is. Nail mug decorated for fathers day it makes him feel what he is, a hero.

Coloring page father’s day: with photo

Of course dad you will never forget who gave you and why this original mug. A unique mug that no one else can have, especially since it has been included a photo of the little one. If you want to give dad an original mug, this certainly is, especially because it also has a great message, Happy fathers day.

Coloring page Father’s Day: Darth Vader

Because there is always a loving parent Star wars. With this mug, you will not only represent a part of his life, marked by the Empire, but you’ll send a funny message about who’s daddy here.


You will surely love the mug, but above all, you will laugh, because it is a great gift. original and fun.

Coloring page Father’s Day: Superheroes

The truth is that by browsing the networks you can find cuts from the simplest to the most exaggerated, superheroes that cross the galaxies from side to side, with a single sigh, but here we do not want talk about other superheroes, but one in particular. From our father.


With this mug, you tell him not only that he is the truly worthy superhero, but that will feel good and important, each morning.

Coloring page Father’s Day: Magic

This mug is only decorated with the photo you love the most of your dad, all siblings, or a relative on a trip that has been taken. You just need to go to a photography store or specialty store that will put all the magic on you.


What is magic? Well, the cup, in principle, is black, but if you you add something hot, the photo will start to develop. This not only surprise your fatherbut to all members of the family. It will be much envied.

Coloring page Father’s Day: office

For those who they work a lot in the office and they always have to have a coffee to stay awake. This mug is perfect for those who work day and night.

mug decorated for fathers day office

Not only does he have a elegant design, perfect for being in an office where everyone goes with a tie, but it has a very important message from your kids, so with every sip of coffee you will remember how much you wants his family.

With these little ideas on mugs decorated for fathers day, you will be able to come up with many more ideas and maybe, as you go amountcups and ideas there you will find a lot more ideas, to personalize it even more and make dad feel like the only one in the world.