Solar energy in an unstoppable China

The Chinese solar market is difficult to follow from abroad. Government subsidies are opaque and the bureaucracy heavy for non-Chinese companies, which often have great difficulty entering the country.

NASA recently released a new batch of images from its satellites that show us how solar China is developing by leaps and bounds in Gansu province. While they don’t tell us much about the actual market conditions on the ground, the images do illustrate the rise of the Asian country.

There is no doubt that the Chinese photovoltaic market is growing at an unprecedented rate. But we don’t have official numbers due to the opacity mentioned above. So maybe in this area scientists can help us.

With lots of sun and a very open desert, Gansu is ideal for the development of this type of photovoltaic projects. Last year, more than 5 gigawatts were installed in the province.

Below, two satellite images showing the expansion of photovoltaic energy in the Gobi Desert, between 2012 and May 2015.

NASA satellite shows us how solar panels are invading the Gobi Desert

Driven by ambitious goals and growing demand for energy, China’s solar boom is not going to stop.

Source: Jesse Allen. POT