nemoi, vertical axis wind generation system at home

We already have on the market wind turbines for personal wind power generation. Nemoi is an inexpensive, clean and distributed production solution. Nemoi equipment is 95% recyclable. When working at very low revolutions, they are very quiet, generating minimal environmental impact. A wind power system created for both countryside and city. Its technology and vertical axis design allow it to spin in very light breezes and work in a wide range of wind speeds.

At home, nemoi can help you reduce your electricity bill, by using it as a back-up system in the event of a power failure or for lighting. Nemoi with MOVE It can be used as a replacement for a generator, to generate energy in isolated areas. In move you will find all the elements of a fixed installation in a small portable packaging, without maintenance, without noise or smoke.

Among its main characteristics we can highlight:

  • Clean energy at low cost. Generate renewable energy for free. The initial investment will pay off quickly. You also save money by reducing the infrastructure costs required for the work.
  • Easy installation and maintenance. Its low weight and few parts make installation a simple task. Only 2 conventional tools are needed. Due to its design, its maintenance is minimal.
  • Durability and reliability. It is constructed of virtually all of its aircraft grade aluminum and powder coated, solvent free. For this reason, it has unbeatable durability in the open air, low weight and quality.
  • Power according to your needs. There is a system that adapts perfectly to your needs.
  • Long-lasting customization. You can customize the nemoi according to your application.

Wind power is already within our reach.

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