statuary neolith bench

Porcelain surfaces, used mainly to make kitchen countertops, are becoming the fashion material. They are a very resistant solution, both to heat and impact, do not scratch and do not stain.

Several brands are standing out in this sector. Among others Dekton from Cosentino and Neolith from TheSize. The latter, despite being a relatively new company, quickly found a niche market thanks to some of its products.

Neolith Statuary

Among them, the Neolith Statuary, a porcelain surface within its range of stone imitations that achieves a very good interpretation of Carrara marble. One of those materials that, although they never stopped being used, is back in full force. Of course, they achieved this without many of the natural disadvantages of marble: strength and porosity (it stains).

The Neolith Statuary is available at 3 different options. Thanks to this we can, on the one hand, choose the one we like best if we only need an iron, for example because we are only going to make a kitchen countertop.

On the other hand, these different versions will allow us to make better combinations if we are going to use it for larger surfaces. For example, to also cover walls or floors.

It is sold in 2 different thicknesses of 6 and 12 millimeters. What are the most common thicknesses for this type of countertops. As for the dimensions, we can find it not only in the traditional 3200 × 1500 mm designed for countertops, but also in formats for use as tiles or pieces for ventilated facades.

So far, the main disadvantage is the Neolith Statuary Price and the rest of porcelain surfaces and countertops. We would be talking about the most expensive type, always below the exclusive or single. Although on the other hand it is true that at the level of benefits we are at the top.