Tesla is getting all the attention when it comes to solar roofs, but some of its competitors are innovating in ways that even Elon Musk didn’t think of. The 3-in-1 roof, for example, offers insulation, extreme wind protection and solar power all in one. This system has a wide range of finishes, has a lighter load than traditional slate tiles, and significantly reduces roof heat – reducing your heating and cooling costs, while providing you with clean, green energy. All at about half the price of a Tesla sunroof.

The Fort Lauderdale-based company estimates its supply will be about $ 11 less than Tesla’s solar roof per square foot. It’s also lighter than traditional slate roofs at just 110 pounds per 10 square feet, meaning architects can design homes with structures designed to withstand lighter loads. Roofs are designed to remove condensation between the attic siding and insulation, preventing mold and rot. The roofs are also hurricane resistant, withstanding winds of 200 mph.

Due to the highly UV resistant surface and strong foam insulation, 3 in 1 roofs are expected to last 300% longer than traditional roofs and can save you up to 38% cost. If you want to purchase one, the company accepts reservations for $ 500 and guarantees that it will be ready for installation in 2019 – or they’ll return your deposit to you, plus $ 500 for inconvenience. They also give you a charging station for an electric car if you are one of the first thousand orders.

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