New marine buoy can produce three times more electricity than its best competitor

The movement of the ocean provides an endless source of renewable energyIf the engineers manage to capture this energy. Many prototypes for this purpose have failed due to their high cost, low efficiency or have been destroyed during severe storms at sea.

But a Swedish company called CorPower Ocean may have a solution. Evidence shows that your new buoy can produce three times more electricity than the best competing technology, with a much more practical design.


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To begin, is relatively smallWhile other devices can measure tens of meters and weigh several tons, the CorPower buoy is only 8 meters long. However, a single buoy placed offshore can generate around 250 kilowatts of energy, enough to cover the electricity needs of 200 homes. Wave farms can contain hundreds or even thousands of these buoys.

CorPower Ocean3

The process is based on three main components: a mooring line that keeps the buoy in place and keeps it vertical and stable; a device called WaveSpring which oscillates the buoy with the movement of the sea; and a gear mechanism that converts this movement into electricity with maximum efficiency.

CorPower Ocean1

CorPower Ocean2

The technology is still in the testing phase, but if all goes well, we may soon see wave farms all over the world.