‘Duomax Twin’, a double-sided solar panel capable of capturing the direct energy of sunlight and its reflection on the ground, increases the capacity of energy production by up to 25%, without increasing the cost compared to other types of photovoltaic panels.

Chinese giant Trina Solar has just presented this proposal at the Clean Energy Expo, which was held in China, where he framed his new product in a change of direction, from “improve the average quality of our products and reduce costs“Concentrate efforts on segmentation for”facilitate the choice of products that precisely meet the needs of their projectsAccording to the vice president of sales and marketing, Rongfang Yin.

In this sense, “Duomax Twin is an answer particularly suitable for solar installations located in height, on roofs or in deserts. Those who live in areas where snow is frequent, as well as those who bet on the solar energy installations in water they are also among the potential users of these new bifacial panels.

The explanation is simple: wherever the reflection of sunlight on the ground is more powerful, the more effective this panel will be, which incorporates double-sided technology and Duomax modules, integrated into the system to make it. more durable even in the harshest environments.

‘Duomax Twin’ increases density and energy generation thanks to its ability to capture energy from both sides, upper and lower. In the case of the one facing the sky, the panel receives direct energy from the sun. Meanwhile, the other side collects reflections and scattered light.

In this way, according to the company, this panel offers best results in low light conditions. Concretely, the integration of this type of panel in the installation can result in an increase in the energy production capacity of up to 25%, which would have an impact on a general improvement of the results of the project, with the same development costs as those derived from any other type of module.

More information: Duomax Twin.