This new Brazilian photovoltaic solar tile is an alternative to solar panels for house roofs.

Another solar tile comes from Brazil to generate clean energy, combining innovation and technology. Green Tile presented its first photovoltaic solar tile.

Some developed countries like the United States, Spain, Germany, Italy, China or Japan have already had access to solar photovoltaic technology for a few years, but Brazil is only beginning to exploit its great potential. and start investing in this market.

Thanks to its climate, with a large number of sunny days throughout the year, Brazil is ideal for developing this type of energy. The sun’s energy is always available, clean and natural.

Gustavo Disegna, project manager of Forte Plásticos, the company that created the tile, traveled to China in 2013 and visited the Cantonese Fair, the largest trade fair in the world. When he visited cities like Hong Kong and Beijing, he was impressed with the development in these fields of solar and photovoltaic energy.

Back in Brazil, he researched the subject and began to think of a product that would integrate energy production and the home, in a sustainable way.

This is how Green Tile was born. Gustavo knew the challenges he might face, such as a still developing market with little investment in his country and, of course, the great economic investment invested in the tests necessary to verify the effectiveness and durability of the tile, and that is why the company waited and studied the project before launching it.

Since then, Forte has been developing one of the first photovoltaic solar tiles in Brazil, presented at the Construsul – International Construction Fair, in Porto Alegre, one of the largest trade fairs for the architecture and construction sector in Brazil.

Main advantages of Green Tile photovoltaic solar tiles.

  • It is the same size as a traditional tile.
  • Compatible with common roofs.
  • They can be installed with traditional tiles.
  • They allow a new function for roofs, to produce electrical energy.
  • Very simple and easy to install.
  • The manufacturer offers a guarantee of 80% of electricity production for 25 years.

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