When we talk about the kind of wasted energy that could be used while driving, everyone thinks of braking energy first. Regenerative braking systems allow the car to recycle the energy generated during braking and recharge the battery of a hybrid or electric vehicle, thereby increasing the vehicle’s range. However, there is another type of energy that could easily be used.

Kent businessman Barry Thompson and his company Alpha 311 have developed a new type of wind turbines attached to existing lighting columns near roads and they feed off the enormous untapped energy produced by moving vehicles.

In this way, energy can be produced even in the absence of wind, you only need vehicles to get around.

These seemingly unusual devices could initially be used to power the streetlights to which they are connected. Over time, they have the potential to help the UK achieve its goal of being carbon neutral by 2050 by taking advantage of the massive amounts of wind vehicles generate every day.

The Alpha 311 vertical axis wind turbine is smaller, cheaper and easier to install than traditional wind turbines. Each turbine is two meters high and currently costs around $ 26,000 to build.

They can generate as much energy as 21 square meters of solar panels. They are installed at strategic points with the intention that when a car passes, it activates them.

Barry Thompson, CEO of Alpha 311, says the wind turbines they have developed are the first of their kind in the world not only in terms of energy potential, but also in terms of ease of installation. The installation is extremely simple because the existing infrastructure is the most used.

The company is currently in talks with authorities to test the technology on UK roads, and some small US towns are testing these turbines as well. The current goal of the Alpha 311 is to make wind turbines smaller and more efficient.


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