Neglecting the power of ocean waves to generate energy means leaving out an inexhaustible and predictable source that also provides much more concentrated energy than that of the wind or the sun. To take advantage of this potential, the Norwegian electricity grid is already receiving energy captured by waves, in particular From the waters of Runde Island, where the installation of Waves4Power, a pioneering system with an output of up to 250 kWh, has just been completed.

Conceived by a consortium of leading companies in the sector in a process that lasted for years marked by development work, prototypes and tests, this proposal for capturing energy from the sea consists of a huge buoy which is “The heart of the system”, according to its conductors, because in it the energy of the waves is converted into electrical energy.

The mechanism, designed on the concept of simplicity, also consists of a vertical tube open at both ends, which passes through the buoy and dives to at least 30 meters deep. This tube, which functions as a water pump, incorporates a piston which is connected to the converter and which is activated by the movement.

In addition, the design features a mooring system that fixes the buoy without hampering vertical movement, and with a cable that connects to a collection center from which energy is transferred to the coast through another pipeline, up to 3 kilometers, to enter the network of the local electricity company Tussa Energy.

Although the promoters of Waves4Power described as milestone for clean energy Its start in Norwegian waters, the truth is that it is for the moment a pilot phase for the consortium to analyze the results of the system and its costs so that, if all goes well, move on to a new stage. of commercial production in one year.

While waiting to see the behavior of Waves4Power, the promoters emphasize that the buoy is, in itself, a complete advance, since since its installation in February 2016 in the waters of Runde it withstood waves up to 14 meters high. For this reason, they do not hesitate to leave the classics to illustrate the advantages of the system, especially in terms of resistance: “if we can do it here we will do it anywhere” [si lo logramos aquĆ­, lo haremos en cualquier sitio], they assure by paraphrasing Frank Sinatra and his New York New York.


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