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Forests provide water, oxygen and habitat for species of flora and fauna. For those who know how to contemplate it, it is a place where they can achieve spiritual peace and healing. Norway recognizes and benefits from the potential.

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The medieval prescription that joins the fight against bacteria resistant to antibiotics

An Anglo-Saxon medieval medical book from the British Library may be the key to finding new ways to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Home remedies for nasal congestion
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To relieve nasal congestion, medications are often used. Depending on the cause that produces it, you can relieve it with natural remedies that are very easy to prepare.

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The natural world is full of substances that can harm us, but medical scientists continue to show us how they can be harnessed for our good, or even turned into life-saving medicines.

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A new study by researchers at the University of Oxford demonstrates the effectiveness of honey as a treatment for upper respiratory tract infections (URTI). The study suggests that antibiotics are ineffective for these types of minor coughs and colds, and that honey offers superior symptomatic relief based on the evidence gathered to date.

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