Online vehicle transfers

One of the biggest advantages of the Internet is that it allows you to reach endless people and create virtual spaces – such as web pages – for the offline, i.e. physical world. . And it is because of these characteristics that many processes that take hours, money and paper when done in the traditional way can turn 180 ° and help reduce carbon footprint and save time if done digitally. An example of this are vehicle transfers.

Every day, many people think about selling their car or motorbike – among others – but they find a common unknown: how is the paperwork carried out? Add to that question the doubts as to whether it will take a lot of time, money and where to go. However, this is where the digital world comes to our rescue, offering alternatives so that we can do our paperwork easily. And for this precise point, the platform was born Transfer24.

he change of ownership wave vehicle sale notification These are somewhat complicated procedures that require a series of steps, supporting documents and payment of taxes. Therefore, when you come across all of this and add the back and forth to the Direction générale du trafic (DGT), or the number of prints and / or photocopies to be made, you might think that it’s a process. tedious, long and even polluting. .

But the good thing is that these processes have a digital window which allows them to be done from home or office, without generating a lot of cost and less. Transfer24 is a portal specializing in these procedures.

Use the experience.

It’s a platform online easy access that by simply typing your domain in the search engine or in the address bar will appear. Transfer24 offers an “agile, intuitive and comfortable” service that allows users to perform all the steps easily, but also in complete safety.

To be able to access all the services, all you have to do is register as a user and then select the procedure to be carried out by following the steps to follow.

As these are legal procedures, 100% authentic and with full validity, the platform will require the documents and data of rigor that are necessary to carry out and continue the process, in accordance with Spanish laws. This website even allows the channeling of the payment of the respective taxes.

All requirements (such as documents) must be delivered digitally by the user, thus avoiding the use of prints and / or photocopies. Even the necessary signatures of the interested parties (seller and buyer) can be integrated into the system digitally, thanks to the technology made available by the platform, which notifies the parties by text message (SMS) when this step is required, and the link to which they must access in order to do so.


Transfer24 It is also characterized by providing information to all users who have doubts about the procedures to be carried out and all the documentation necessary for them.

On the platform, Internet users will be able to access guides and protocols that govern them to perform all the procedures, what they offer users and what their experience will look like, in order to answer questions and make their lives easier.

Even one of the most special points is that for those who have difficulty with the sales agreement, the portal provides you with a template so that you can do it transparently, without too many problems and avoiding errors. And best of all, they can generate it online right from the page.

Likewise, the portal provides tips to consider when drafting and signing this type of agreement, as well as how all the elements should be fulfilled.

And it is that in short, Transfer24 is a platform with many advantages, because not only does it do all the processing for the user car name change (only having this one to provide data, upload required documentation, sign and pay), but saves paper, fuel, time and money.

Appointments, waiting for delays, countless photocopies and stress are left behind. The world of paperwork is now digital.