“OpenDesk” is a website where you can choose a piece of furniture from its catalog and “download” it for free.

How does OpenDesk work?

Opendesk plans

On their website, they have a catalog of furniture created by independent designers. You choose the one you like the most and you can choose from three options to get it.

1st. Download the digital plans needed to feed them into a CNC machine and get the furniture pieces printed and cut from wood.

If you do not have this type of printer, you can choose the second option:

2nd. Find someone near you who has it.

3rd. Order the furniture from a manufacturing company that works with this type of machine and is located in your town.


Promote local consumption.

The main objective of “OpenDesk” is to promote local consumption, in this way we can reduce the carbon footprint of our furniture.

Plus, the furniture will be cheaper, with some downloadable designs looking really fantastic. The cost of the furniture will depend on how much you want to get involved in the furniture making process. You probably don’t have a CNC machine (in which case the furniture would cost you the price of the wood), but if you order the furniture from someone who owns it (you can ask for a quote on the web and they will try to find you. someone in your area) and then you take care of its assembly (gluing, screwing, sanding, varnishing …) you can have a designer piece of furniture for very little money.

Official project website: OpenDesk.


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