The photographs are a very original resource to decorate and give a personal touch to our house. There are thousands of projects and resources to decorate with photographs, but we’re going to focus on some that we can do on our own, and most importantly, projects that we can do by reusing or by recycling different materials.

First of all, I recommend a project that we loved from the first moment. A project for which we hardly need any investment, since almost all the material necessary to realize it can already be with us. We are talking about transferring photos to wood. A personalized decorative piece for your home. A few fairly simple steps will result in a fantastic and original painting to place in your living room. When you do, you will realize how simple it is and what a special result you get.

Another project that we recommend, even simpler than the previous one, are the photo frames with glass jars. All you need is a glass or crystal jar, which surely won’t be hard to find, and your favorite photo. We live in the digital age, so you will probably find the glass jar in your home earlier than the photo;), no problem, here you can print it online. A project so simple that by just looking at an image, you already have in mind the full instructions for doing it without a problem.

If you want a homemade photo frame, I recommend this next project. It follows the premise of the simplicity of previous projects, and the investment in materials is also zero. A simple glance at the image will give you a clear idea of ​​what you need and how you should do it. If you need the full instructions, you can find them here.

Perhaps the word Polaroid does not mean anything to the youngest, the more floaters will quickly come to mind the image of a photograph. The American company Polaroid launched the first instant photography on the market: a camera that developed and improved the image in just 60 seconds. This invention became the company’s great success, eclipsed only by the advent of digital photography. We suggest you do a “polaroid style coastersYou will only need a photograph and a piece of square tile or the like. A simple process at best.

With a clipboard clip and a piece of wood, you will have an elegant box for your best photos. Surprisingly simple.

But we couldn’t pass up the post without creating the classic photo album. For simplicity, elegance and the result, I recommend this project. You will only need a cardboard box, a tool that allows you to make a few holes in the cardboard and a few pieces of rope, the cotton thread can help us. The instructions are also very simple and surely you will not have any problem to execute it.