Are you studying and with so many notebooks that you don’t know which one is what? Do you like to give yours personal touch to your belongings?You want to learn new professions? No matter the reason, if you want to learn how to cover your notebooks to make them more curious, keep reading because we are going to share some very original ideas with you.

If you like to take with you this special notebook in which to write down your thoughts, ideas, projects and whatever else you want to remember, decorate it as you like so as to create that relaxed atmosphere in which you can be yourself .


Ideas for covering notebooks

Notebooks are a very easy room to decorate, regardless of their size or how much time you have. The ideas we are going to give you are very easy to do and it won’t take you too long.

Although we explain here how to specifically decorate notebooks, the ideas can be applied to other objects and thus become a master of interior design. Once you start to use your imagination and creativity, more and more ideas will start to cross your mind very quickly.

We will first see how we can cover notebooks so that they are well protected, then we’ll move on to the art of decorating, with some suggestions for you to find for yourself what you like best.

Notebooks in line with fabric

Paper is not the only material we can use for decoration in general. However, the fabric offers us many possibilities. If you don’t want to get rid of that garment that you love so much but is very old, or if you don’t know what to do with a tablecloth that you don’t need at any table, you can cut a piece of fabric and use them to cover notebooks. It would simply be necessary to cut out a rectangle of fabric, like the shape of the open notebook, with a distance greater than about 3 cm on each side. We will sew the edges with a sewing machine, about one centimeter, to prevent them from fraying.


Fold one end of the rectangle inward again and sew the top and bottom edgesSo we will create a kind of pocket where we will present the cover of our notebook on the left side and the back cover on the right side. And this simple is fpray with a rag a notebook!

If you prefer it to stick well, you can use some glue to stick the fabric on the cardboard of the notebook, and in addition, put the decorations you want. For example, you can line them up with the remains of a pair of pants using the piece from the back where we have the pocket. It can go on the cover and be used to store your pens.

Row of notebooks with paper and cardboard

Another alternative to fabric is to use paper and cardboard to cover notebooks. The result is also very good; It will all depend on what you like the most and what you want to work with the most.

The materials we will need are:

  • Notebook
  • Cardboard
  • The scissors
  • Plastic to cover books

To make the notebook fit us better, it is always advisable to use those that come with staples instead of rings. The first step will be to cut the cardboard into a rectangle exceeding the dimensions of the notebook by a few centimeters. It is also worth using wrapping paper that we like, instead of cardboard.


The extra centimeters we have left will be folded inward, glued to the inside of the notebook. The aim is to improve the fixation of cardboard or paper. With a brush, we will add glue or glue on the outer side of the notebook, and we will glue paper or cardboard little by little so that no air remains inside.

If you prefer, you can use a little school glue to lightly fix the paper or cardboard and secure it with the plastic you use to cover the books. This will make it more resistant to impact or liquids. The plastic must also be cut to a larger dimension. We are going to cut a diagonal from the corners of the notebook so that we can fold the folds inward.

Notebook decoration

If we already have our notebook with fabrics or cardboardNow we come to the most creative part of the whole process: decorating them. There are no laws written here, so we’ll leave some suggestions for you to get your bearings.

Notebook decoration with fabric

In the same way that we use the fabric to cover notebooks, we can also use them to make ornaments. Old laces can be used to tie. Small pieces of fabric can also be placed as small patches or create geometric shapes to your liking.

As we explained before, you can also take excess fabric and glue or staple it on the cover of the notebook, if you place it loosely, i.e. leaving it a little loose , you can use it as a small pocket.

Decoration of notebooks with names

You can make a small frame on fabric or cardboard, that is, a rectangle with missing center piece, like a photo frame. And inside you can write the name of the person who owns the notebook.

If they are school notebooks, you can write the name of the subject to which they belong on the outside and it will be easier for you to distinguish them.

Notebook decoration with washi tape

Washi tape comes to us from Japan, and it is an easily hand-cut paper tape, which features a adhesive emulsion on the one hand which is used to join objects, and on the other hand very lively patterns.

The washi tape will allow us to create all kinds of ornaments and shapes in our notebook. If you see that you are not happy with the decoration of the notebook, try the furniture and walls in the house, you will not be able to stop!

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