Original ideas for reusing pallets in the garden

We’ve picked out some creative ways to reuse pallets in your home’s garden, patio, or patio., those pallets that normally end up in the trash. If you are good at DIY and want long lasting designs, you will love these DIY ideas. You will contribute to the environment, reducing waste and giving a second life to materials that can still be used.

  1. A swimming pool with 10 pallets.
  2. Growth table.
  3. Vertical gardens.
  4. Planter.
  5. A terrace entirely made with pallets.
  6. Fruit boxes.
  7. Swing with pallets.
  8. A corner of your garden with armchairs and pallet tables.
  9. Garden lamp.
  10. Wine rack and your glasses.
  11. Refrigerator with pallets.
  12. Two-seater sofa.
  13. Pallet chair.
  14. Armchair with pallets.
  15. Lemonade stand.
  16. Tray.
  17. Folding pallet bed.
  18. Litter box for the little ones.
  19. Pool chair.
  20. Bar in the garden.
  21. Vertical planter.
  22. Cabinet for garden tools.
  23. Armchair.
  24. Small flowerpots.

A swimming pool with 10 pallets.

How to make a swimming pool with paddles

A functional swimming pool with 10 pallets that will delight the little ones during the hottest months of the year. The design is quite simple, the basic structure that supports the pool is made with the 10 pallets arranged vertically. A plastic sheet will be used to retain the water. The outdoors can be as beautiful as you have time to devote to it. In the picture you will see how the pallets can be concealed in a simple way. With a small portable purifier, we can use the same water all season long.

Growth table.

How to make a grow table with pallets (1)

You can make yourself a grow table with pallets and thus take advantage of the areas of your garden efficiently for the sowing of all kinds of plants. You can grow your small plants on this table to transfer them later to large pots or to the soil in the garden itself. Very useful for entering the world of gardening and we think it is very important if you want to start with your urban garden.

Vertical gardens.

vertical gardens with pallets

Pallets can allow us to take advantage of an open wall to turn it into a fantastic vertical garden. Its shape is ideal for inserting plants and allowing them to grow naturally. A good solution for having plants if you don’t have a lot of space.

Planter with pallets.


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A fantastic planter that won’t be difficult for you to craft. You don’t need a plastic planter that you’ll have to throw away over time, this planter with pallets will last a lifetime if you take care of it.

A terrace entirely made with pallets.

A terrace entirely made with pallets

For professionals;). It will not be easy, you will have to work a lot, but as you can see in the photo, the effort will be worth it. Reused floors, walls and pallet furniture, who gives more?

Fruit boxes.

Fruit boxes

A few pieces of a pallet and a homemade pad will make a beautiful fruit box for your kitchen, porch or garden. A space for fruits and vegetables that will give your interior a very personal touch.

Swing with pallets.

Swing with pallets

A swing that will look luxurious on the porch or backyard of your home.

A corner of your garden with armchairs and pallet tables.

A corner with armchairs and pallet tables

A simple project with which you can transform part of your garden into a relaxation area to enjoy with family and friends.

Garden lamp.

Lamp with pallets

An original lamp which in this case was used for a garden with the help of glass jars and candles, but with the appropriate modifications you can also adapt it to place it inside the house.

Wine rack and glasses.

Wine rack

A cabinet for wine glasses and bottles. Its original design allows us to have both the bottles and the glasses to use in one piece of furniture.

Refrigerator with pallets.

Refrigerator with pallets

A cooler that will keep your drinks cool with a little ice. An original design with which you will not need an electric refrigerator in your garden.

Two seater sofa.

Two seater sofa

An original sofa for your veranda or your garden. In this case, salvaged bags were used to make the cushions.

Pallet chair.

Pallet chair

The ideal chair for sunbathing while reading a good book in your garden or veranda.

Armchair with pallets.

Armchair with pallets

An ideal armchair for our veranda or our garden.

Lemonade stand.

Lemonade stand

A stand for the little ones to have fun.



Easy and simple This tray performs its function perfectly, eliminating the need for a plastic tray.

Folding pallet bed.

folding pallet bed

A hanging bed quite simple in its structure.

Litter box for the little ones.


A litter box that will delight your children.

Pool chair.

Pool chairgraphic design 2011.indd

Designed by M&M designers. A perfect chair for sunbathing while enjoying the pool.

Garden bar.

Garden bar

Your own bar to enjoy with friends and family.

Vertical planter.


Garden tool cabinet.

Garden tool cabinet

Very simple and very effective to have all the tools in our garden or orchard in order.



In the titles, you have the links to access the manufacturing instructions for each of them.

Small flowerpots.

Some small pots ideal for small spaces in our garden, where we can plant small succulents or succulents. When it is recommended because of its size, we can move it to a larger pot.