The culture and the work of the field can undergo a significant change in a positive sense. Yesterday, Damià Bover, from the organic production farm Son Durí (Vilafranca) and president of the Això és vida agricultural cooperative, presented his project of working the soil without compaction and with photovoltaic energy. It is a machine which is a real world first. It cannot be defined as a modern plow as it is rather “a tillage machine that does without wheels and does not compact the earth”. In the traditional melon fair to be held tomorrow, Sunday, it will be exhibited to the public.

Bover has already applied for a patent at national and international level. Everything indicates that the invention will pass all examinations and certificates will soon be awarded. Its operation is very simple: “The fulcrum is exchanged between the front and rear frames”. And the conclusions drawn by the promoter of the initiative focus on optimal energy efficiency; improvement of agronomic and environmental aspects and consequent improvement of the productivity of crops, vineyards, vegetables, trees, cereals, etc. Likewise, the machine in question can operate on its own, without anyone. The energy contribution can be made through fossil fuels or renewable energy (solar, wind or combined).

Bover comments that “by experimenting with the idea of ​​powering tractors and farm equipment with photovoltaic electricity, I got an unexpected result. I realized that a considerable part of the energy was wasted shifting the weight of the tractor, which manages to convert the engine’s power into motion and traction, due to the contact of the wheels with the ground and the weight of the tractor. tractor ”. “Thinking of a more efficient way to transmit power from the engine to the plowing action, I came up with the idea of ​​pulling using the same plows as a fulcrum,” he says.

“By not using weights or wheels to drive, we are not compacting agricultural soil, which is one of the problems of global agriculture; compaction reduces fertility, ”he warns.

Bover’s Utopus project can be seen in action on YouTube. “This tillage machine paves the way for a new way of doing things which in my opinion is the only one that will allow the use of renewable energies, such as photovoltaic and wind power, for the mechanization of plowing work in the food production, ”admits Bover (born in Porreres). We will have to wait to see if the introduction of this new technique is accepted by professionals in the field.


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