Temperatures rise and with them the desire to enjoy the terrace, balcony or porch. A table, some chairs, plants and flowers and some candles … No matter how small the space, don’t give up your place in the sun. Or under the moon.

Whether it’s a deck, patio, deck or garden, we need some outdoor furniture. These are placed outdoors and come in a wide variety of prices and styles, but what all this outdoor furniture should have in common is its resistance to the weather, especially to moisture, when not directly from water or the sun. .

In terms of trends, the oriental line also remains in force in the exterior spaces, while we are witnessing a renewal of the essence of the structures. Terrace furniture is born from new synthetic and waterproof fabrics, plastics that imitate natural fibers and new woods, such as acacia or eucalyptus, less protected than teak, but also decorative.

Depending on the styles and needs of the outdoor furniture, individual pieces and furniture units can be selected. These are some types of furniture.

Plastic furniture and plastic resin

Plastic outdoor furniture

Plastic furniture is one of the most popular options that can be found in the gardens, patios or terraces of the houses, as they are resistant to the weather and are not easily damaged. They are also easy to clean and waterproof.

Plastic outdoor furniture is usually the cheapest and easiest to find. The main drawback is the lack of exclusivity and style of many of these products, in addition to the ease with which they pass through good furniture of this type of very low quality, which logically affect durability.

Those who have a natural appearance triumphs: those who imitate straw, sisal and enea. As for the colors, white, chocolate brown, green and blue are preferred for outdoor spaces. Two additional benefits: are cheaper and need no maintenance.

Cast aluminum furniture

aluminum outdoor furniture

This type of furniture is more resistant than plastic resin furniture. They generally have more complex designs and are also less expensive. Aluminum outdoor furniture often offers a combination with other materials, such as glass tables, etc. Therefore, the price range will be greater than that for plastic outdoor furniture.

In terms of decoration, they go better due to their more exclusive and suggestive designs.

Wooden outdoor or terrace furniture

Wood is usually the first option you think about when looking for outdoor furniture. It is a natural material, strong and durable when taken care of, and adds style like no other.

However, wood has its disadvantages. Without proper maintenance, the wood will discolor to shades of gray, it is susceptible to attack by insects and the rust released by the hardware (if any) can stain.

Cedar or covered pine are some of the most popular wood choices used in building deck or garden furniture. You can buy swings, benches and chairs at various stores made with this wood.

The woods mentioned above are common due to the good relationship between quality and price. However, there are better alternatives. Woods such as teak, iroko or acacia are more resistant and even more attractive species, although their price is usually higher.

Wooden furniture is more expensive compared to other outdoor furniture. Also with proper care, they will last a lifetime or even longer.

Maintenance and cleaning of external wooden furniture

As already mentioned, wooden outdoor furniture can last a long time with proper maintenance. And at the same time, they deteriorate very quickly without it.

This maintenance is what keeps some consumers away, because they think it is complicated and / or laborious. However, it is not so.

For cleaning we can simply use water and mild soap. And at least once a year apply a little protective oil.

The advantage of using oil instead of varnishes is that sanding is not necessary and can be applied with a brush or roller very quickly.

Wood and wrought iron: a combination of fashion

Tropical woods, which are increasingly protected, are being replaced by more controlled ones, such as acacia or eucalyptus, treated with varnishes or special oils. To illuminate them, this year we will find structures in galvanized or forged iron, steel or aluminum and other materials painted with graphite powder. Result: resistant and light furniture at the same time.

Wood and synthetic fabrics

Forget the pillows; remove them when it rains and wash them. The new garden chairs and armchairs are infinitely more practical: folding or stackable, they are made of wood from unprotected spaces and lined with high-strength synthetic fabrics. As in the other trends of this season, the result is a very light and easy to maintain piece, with refined lines.

Natural fiber furniture

Materials such as bamboo or wicker are also common in the manufacture of outdoor furniture. They offer a natural and elegant look, along with a light feel, ideal for adjusting to a variety of styles.

Its main disadvantages are that dirt can accumulate inside the braid and also weaken over time.

Although they are used outdoors and are suitable for this, it is not convenient to leave them exposed to rain.

Custom terrace furniture

You may want to consider having something more exclusive or that exactly adapts to your needs, in this case you can consider ordering a custom-made furniture, yes, they will be much more expensive than the furniture discussed above.

In this case, forget about cheap outdoor furniture. Depending on the material you want, you will need to contact a carpenter, aluminum joiner or even a blacksmith.