In WoodMe we have already seen the best headboards some time ago, although for now I would like to focus on the ones that we can make or decorate ourselves, until we get a headboard modern.

Headboards modern They stand out from the rest because they may have shapes and designs that escape the vast majority or because they have been modified from a classic model to transform it into an original and modern one.

How to get a modern headboard:

  • To get a modern headboard, all you need is a little imagination and knowing how to take advantage of elements that perhaps have a function other than that of a headboard.
  • For example, a good idea to make a modern headboard will be to place mirrors on the wall where we place our bed or in fact on the headboard that we already have, we can paint it in a color other than the usual one. and complete it. with the aforementioned mirrors.
  • Another modern headboard that we can make ourselves is to place a Decorative vinyl that they are adhesive and that we can find them with different designs and shapes, and that we can easily place and remove them without problem when we no longer want to see them.
  • Another option to get our modern headboard and if the one we already have is a bit old or if we see that it is a bit destroyed we can choose to cover it with leather for example, although it is a little more dear and we need professional help.

  • On the other hand, we must talk about how we can also make modern headboards with elements that a priori do not have this function.
  • This way we can bet on the recycling and choose a door that we don’t use to paint it in a bright and striking color and that we will place as a headboard.
  • Wrought iron headboards are very classic, but the truth is they have become all the rage today. We can make them more modern by always betting on painting them in bright colors, in addition to placing details such as colored bands or any decorative object that we can hang on them.
  • Another option for a modern headboard, and similar to the option of mirrors, will be to place photos on our headboard and this will also allow us to place them on a shelf or bedside table, thus saving a lot of money. square.
  • Wooden headboards like I said about wrought iron headboards are also very popular and in fact they are found in many beds so if we want to renew them we can apply some of the ideas I have already given you or bet on painting them in a color that will stand out or stand out above the rest of the tones in our room.

Now I leave you photos of modern headboards:

Video of modern headboards:

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