In Wood Me we are now talking about paint and in particular which one is suitable and is used to paint wood, in addition to how we can harden it well and cover it perfectly.

Wood is a material with which one can easily work, although the truth is that when painting it, and especially if one has no experience, it must be said that problems can arise even if one does not know cover it well or not in fact. we know how to choose the right paint,

Wood paint:

  • Before you start painting a wooden surface, it must be said that it must be sanded so that the paint once applied then adheres to all parts. There are also certain materials that take care of the wood you want to use for the exteriors and provide special textures, so when buying the paint we need to take these factors into account as well.
  • It must be said that wood paint has special components that will serve to treat it and above all to resist the passage of time and the natural reactions of this material.
  • To also take care of the paint we apply, we will have to use specific products to tolerate bad weather and that last over time and even more when it comes to garden tables and chairs or outdoor furniture.

Tips for maintaining and painting wood:

  • These products allow the paint to penetrate the wood without forming a continuous film, which has great advantages. In its components, they contain hydrophobic, fungicidal and insecticidal substances, providing complete protection and also ensuring that the paint remains intact for years.
  • For new wood furniture, it is advisable to apply a coat of varnish This helps cover the pores and leave it ready in case we need to decorate it.
  • For wood that has already been painted and we want to paint again, we need to wash the surface well with detergent, let it dry and paint on it, or what is better to sand it down and leave it with its natural color again, then to reapply the paint. .

How to paint the wood:

  • To paint the wood and give it a uniform look, we need to make constant vertical strokes. To finish and that it is perfect in its finish, it is then necessary to pass the brush in the direction of the veins.
  • As for the paint style for wood, we have to mention those that are vinyl or lacquer. Vinyl paint can be applied with a brush or brush, while lacquer paint is best applied with an air gun.
  • When we paint the surface to our liking and also when it is already dry, we can opt for a varnish layer which will give the furniture a particular shine in addition to offering greater protection.

I now leave you a video on how to paint wood:

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