In WoodMe we have already seen some time ago how we can have the furniture painted, and this time I want to focus on the chairs and how we can enjoy them even if they are very old, with a little effort and of course, a new coat of paint. Now we are talking about how to paint a chair.

how to paint a chair

Painting a chair, like painting any other piece of furniture It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, if we take a close look at its condition before starting to apply the paint and especially if we repair any damage so that it is not seen once we have painted. Before painting, we need to check the condition of the chair and if it is badly deteriorated, it is better to leave it ready, so that the paint is only the finishing touch.

Steps before painting a chair:

steps before painting a chair

The first thing we need to do is check whether the chair, whether made of wood or metal, is very old or it has scratches and so on and even holes in case they are of the first type.

Wooden chairs should always be sanded before starting to paint them because in this way we prepare them so that everything is even, and at the same time, because we cans remove any traces of paint you have if it was already a color or if we had already painted it.

In the case of metal chairs, we will have to do something similar and in addition to cleaning them completely, we will have toapply a coat of what is called a primer and which consists of a special coating that will prepare the material to take the paint well.

Types of paint for chairs:


On the other hand, before we start to paint a chair with the paint we buy, we must know the different types of paint on the market and depending on the furniture to be painted, in this case a chair, there will be one that suits us better than the others.

In this way, we can differentiate:

  • The latex paint that they are resistant and that although they are well cleaned, they take a long time to dry.
  • the oil paintings they are much more resistant to scratches. Although it has a much more intense smell and it can last us for days, so we will have to make an effort then eliminate paint odors.

Once we have chosen the type of paint for the chair, and we are also prepared with a brush and a brush to apply it, the time will come when we can start painting.

How to paint a chair:


  • Covers well the floor with newspapers so that we can paint without a problem and without having to worry about whether we are going to splash or not.
  • The first thing is the primer or sand the chair as we already mentioned above. If we have sanded the chair well, remove the remnants of wood with a clean cloth, if you have applied a primer, let it pass for a few hours before starting to paint.
  • If you see that the chair has holes, it is better than before you start painting, apply wood filler and that will cover them completely. You may need to sand again after the putty is dry.
  • To start applying the paint, make sure you have removed it from the inside of the box first using a stick and so that it isn’t that thick.
  • Apply a first layer, following the lines of the wood and it is better to make uniform movements. Help yourself with a brush for the finer parts or those with details.
  • Once it has dried, you will surely needapply a second coat, and even a third or a fourth. Remember that first of all, the chair should be completely dry.

Video showing how to paint a chair

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