If you think some of your furniture has gotten a bit “old” or want to make it look more modern by painting it a different color from the original, we want to show you now in DIY 10 the steps to take so that you can achieve it.

The truth is that to paint furniture you just need to know what Color we want to apply and if it is very damaged to be able to prepare it before starting to paint.

Here are the steps to follow to paint furniture:

  • The furniture must first be disassembled if in fact it is disassembled. If for example we have paint a table or a chair will be impossible, but if it is a closet or a table with drawers or a chest of drawers, the first thing to do is to remove the drawers one by one, because we will paint them separately.
  • We will place everything that is part of the furniture on a plastic or paper with which we will cover the floor in order to avoid unnecessary paint stains.
  • Before starting to paint and if you want all the paint to be uniform, sand the piece of furniture in question, although the wood tends to erode over time and there may also be stains or stripes that with the sandpaper, they will disappear until everything is ready to apply the first coat of paint. Also with sandpaper we remove the remnants of the previous paint and varnish.
  • Once everything is sanded, you can do it by hand or by machine, it will be necessary to remove the dust that remains. It is ideal to do this with a dry cloth, although if you do it with water it will also work for you although you will have to wait until the furniture has dried before you start painting.

  • Once the wood is dry, we can start painting. First with a soft coat to see what each room looks like and there is no need to paint the interior. Only what is seen from the outside will be necessary.
  • When the first coat has dried well, it’s time to apply a second coat that will cover the small spaces we left in addition to finishing covering everything evenly.
  • Finally, and when the paint is dry, you can reapply the varnish if desired and how not to change the handles if it is a drawer or a cupboard so that everything looks renewed and modern .

You see that it is quite easy to be able to vary the appearance of one of our furniture. It is not expensive either and you will see how you will save money having bought it new.

I now leave you videos on how to paint yourself, your furniture:

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