Panasonic broke the solar panel efficiency record held by SolarCity

Much has been said about the drop in prices in solar technology, but there is another important factor that we should not forget and it is none other than the increasing efficiency of the technology used in solar panels.

Panasonic announced that its new generation of solar panels would be able to achieve the world efficiency record, with a sunlight conversion rate of 22.5%, leaving Solarcity behind with a margin of 0.46%. . It might not sound like much, but in this type of technology it’s a huge leap.

The combination of lower price and higher conversion of sunlight, with greater efficiency, is undoubtedly one of the most important goals in the development of this technology. Remember that the more efficient it is, the higher the energy we can get, so the panels can be smaller and less heavy.

The Japanese Institute of Science and Technology confirmed this information in tests.

However, mass production of these new Panasonic solar panels will still take some time.

Panasonic has announced the launch of a new generation of photovoltaic modules, HIT N330, which will include 96 cells and 330 W (module efficiency 19.7%).