Self-consumption solar kit
Self-consumption solar kit. Image: Shutterstock

Panasonic will offer a full 25 year warranty on its solar modules, including labor intensive microinverters for its licensed and premium installers.

Warranties are often considered a key factor in the purchase and installation of a solar photovoltaic system. Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America offers an industry leading 25 year warranty that will not only cover its solar panels, but also extend to the performance and workmanship of all Panasonic AC modules, as well than the 25 year warranty for microinverters provided. by Enphase.

With new internal protocols that streamline the warranty claims process, Panasonic aims to create a one-stop shop that gives owners confidence by simplifying their points of contact.

With this offer, homeowners no longer have to decide to contact Panasonic or the installation company if a situation requires a complaint regarding the module or microinverter; Panasonic will now take care of complaints and replacement of all components. Notably, labor is also covered for licensed installers.

This upgrade will be available exclusively for Panasonic Premium and Authorized Installers.

Panasonic is committed to providing the best customer service to owners, and a key aspect of this offering is a simple and easy warranty claim experience. This makes life easier for our customers and makes the work of our installers more efficient. We’re proud that our high-quality residential solar panels are backed by an industry-leading 25-year warranty and we’re excited to extend this offering to microinverters to ensure homeowners have the best possible experience in the event of complaint.

Mukesh Sethi, General Manager of the Solar and Storage Division of Panasonic Solar Group.

Warranty details.

Panasonic’s 25-year warranty is more than double that of many of its competitors, and guarantees 91% of rated power during the warranty period, significantly better than any other solar module in the world. the market today. Backed by more than 40 years of research and development, exacting quality standards and two decades of mass production, Panasonic has built a well-deserved reputation for extreme reliability and exceptional performance.

A good measure which we hope will spread around the world and every day there are more houses that can have photovoltaic solar panels on their roofs.