As you well know, paper butterflies, are more and more common and are used more as a decorative element. In addition to being really beautiful, they are able to transmit lightness and give it a touch of romanticism and fantasy to the rooms where it is located. If you want something different in the room, have some paper butterflies.


That’s why there are many people who want to find out how to make them and what types of butterflies there is. To give a touch of life to the home or even to the place where you work. Do not leave DIY10 and discover the world of decoration with butterflies.

Paper butterflies

In this world where decoration evolves more and more every year, butterflies in crafts have made a dent. In addition, they were crowned as a innovative, romantic and inexpensive decoration. That is why they are already used in many styles in different homes.


There are many styles of paper butterflies. It’s not about taking a template and repeating it ad nauseam on paper and cutting it out. When paper butterflies are used, it’s all about making them fly. So there are many styles of butterflies for which light effect for them to fly.

How to make paper butterflies

Paper butterflies can be tricky because it’s not just about cutting, it’s about precision cutting. Especially when you want them to be very elaborate butterflies. Choose the ones we choose, we will take into account that there are several styles. We are going to show you a series of videos that show you how to make paper butterflies in different ways.

How to make paper butterflies – Lisas


It’s about making the butterflies as we see them. We just need a good template and place it on cardboard, newspaper, tissue paper … This is the easiest way to get a paper butterfly. But beware, that doesn’t mean it’s not special. Because if you know where to place them and fold them in the middle, so that it feels like flying, they will be most romantic.

How To Make Paper Butterflies – Simple

If you want to start with a simple butterfly, but not that simple as cutting a butterfly out of a magazine, try these butterflies. The technique used is very simple and gives a lot of volume to the wings.

Paper Butterflies How to Make Them – Simple Origami

One more step would be the origami butterflies. This paper folding technique allows you to get different types of butterflies. But in this case, we will get a simple, strong and also light butterfly.

How to make paper butterflies – Accordion

With this technique we not only manage to make a butterfly, but we also give it a lot of relief and texture. It’s a simple way, but you need to have a little more patience so that the folds are completely even.

How to Make Paper Butterflies – Doubles

We love these types of butterflies. We believe they are the most worked and should not be the most complicated. Without a doubt, we will get a lot of volume with this type of butterfly. And also, we can put our creativity to the test.

How to Make Paper Butterflies – Origami

We have seen simple origami butterflies before. With this same technique we will make a butterfly in a different style. We will have more air in the wings and a lot more definition in our paper butterfly.

With those different styles, you will find the butterflies that best match what you had in mind. They are simple to make and also the most striking.

Paper butterfly decoration

With these different styles of paper butterflies, you have found the most creative way to decorate your home. And it is that these butterflies give everything a magic touch, wherever they go. Now in DIY10, We’ll give you some decorating ideas, so you don’t just hang them on the wall.

Paper butterflies decoration – Lamp


Precious lamp that has a most romantic charm, but modern at the same time. Without a doubt, it will give a lot of light to the room you are in. It is very striking and very decorative. It will be the envy of your guests.

Paper Butterfly Decoration – Swirl on the wall

As we well know, butterflies have to fly to admire their beauty. And one way to make them fly is to create a wind effect between them. Creating a kind of tourbillon, this gives it a touch of movement.

Paper butterflies decoration – Form a butterfly


Can there be anything more beautiful? We love this way of making a paper butterfly. Making it giant and with hundreds of little butterflies. It gives it a lot of elegance and if you get them moving the optical effect is amazing.

Paper butterfly decoration – Garlands


To decorate parties of all kinds. With butterflies you can achieve the most striking effect. Depending on the type of party, you can make them more elaborate or simpler.

Paper Butterfly Decoration – Headboard

paper butterflies to decorate

When the butterflies are in charge of decorating the headboard of your bed so that your dream is full of magic. We love this decorating idea with paper butterflies because you can make so many shapes.

Paper butterfly decoration – Checkerboard


Just choose the right paper, with the right colors and place the butterflies in a photo frame, without overwriting them. Free them.

Paper butterfly decoration – To offer

gift wrap-butterflies

A nice touch on the gifts. It’s very romantic and you don’t even need flashy paper. Just brown paper and a beautiful butterfly is enough.

Paper Butterfly Decoration – Flying

flying paper butterflies

Don’t stop putting butterflies wherever you want. Let them come back and stand where they want. According to your tastes, you can place them in a corner of the room, decorating the shelf, the ceiling … Butterflies can fly anywhere.

We hope you liked this butterfly tutorial. If you want to know more and discover more decorating ideas with paper butterflies, be sure to check out our Photo gallery. You will find what you like.

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